Someone is Unusually 'Consistent'

.....Title of this post courtesy of Snazzy who has noticed this new trait - (not for long though hehehe!)

I'm here again, as Suzy Peaches is away today, she's either a busy lady these days or is trying to adopt Mona's style. If it's the latter, someone please tell her there can only be one MONA! Copy copy.

Anyway, so there is no Suzy Peaches Fruit Basket this week, sadly, for some, not for hehe cos I own her space today muahahahah!

In case you didn't watch the Beyonce/Shakira wtf! video, please check it out in my post titled - It's On You

Watch out for my post on "Heroes" tomoz! :o) :o) :o) P.S. I took this pic, with my phone :)

For the Single peeps and everyone else ;) there is a Christian Singles event tomorrow hosted by theTrinity Chapel in Stratford. See details below:

Singled Out is wrapping up the week this friday evening with a fantastic night out!!
Come and hang out, network and dance with people from all over london.
The event will include good food and great music from the renowned DJ YEMI from Jesus House.
Entrance is free!!!!
Where: Trinity Chapel Exhibition Hall, 1 Warton Road, Stratford.
When: Friday 16th of March 2007
Time: Kicks off at 6.30pm prompt

Finally, some of you may not be bothered by this news but it's still very interesting i.e. the fact that the Nigerian Government has scrapped HNDs - read here. Seriously, I would like your comments on this. Thankies xxx


Dimples said...

We want Suzy Peaches!!!!..Mona what have u done with Suzy oh!!...anyways i'd manage u today sha...

Please no comment on this video...i'm seriously beefing this babes....why the heck can't i move like that.
Heroes na...i watch so many of this US programmes...i can freaking keep up anymore.

Ok i'm totally going to sound like a sinner child now...but i heard about this...really want to go...but I have to present @ some work-do and drinks...i'm sorry...(hiss!!) don't condemn me abeg…Mona go for me..and tell me what happened…(in deep thought…"what about if that is where your Mr Right is??")

Scrapping HND ke??Why the heck for???Some people can’t afford to go the full length of UNI…Strike 2day strike 2moro…Naija sort yourself out!!!

snazzy said...

Mona has appointed me her muse, well my image people will be getting in touch with her about renumeration for service provided.

I saw the tail end of that B&S video yesterday, and there was a lot of winding going on. Definitely worth a second look.

I will definitely not read the heroes post as it probably would be full of spoilers and we have only pirated up to episode 11 in naij.

So is DJ. Yemi, the DJ Bayo of the Christian scene?

Aramide said...

LOL no Snazzy it's not a spoiler and you are all invited to participate! xxx

Naija Vixen said...

blogger is not lettn me leave comment oh!!!And i wrote one long ass comment lyk!That HND thing is the worst thing this administration culd possibly do...the singles thing myt b worth a visit...they always provide laffs oh!!!I culd do the logo for you...what do u want it to read?

naijabelle said...

I reall wanna go for the trinity programme but i don't wanna go on my own as am unfailiar with east london. :(

Aramide said...

aww but it's not a late thing now, u can get the tube?

laspapi said...

Had no idea about the HND isue. I know Yaba Tech was made a University. I'll go read up on that and return to drop my thoughts. How've you been, Mona?