Suzy Peaches' Fruit Basket (Issue #7)


Hello everyone,

How have you been? – I’ve been very well thank you. I hope the words I share in this month of April will be fitting for season. Following on in our quest for love and seeing that it’s Easter I decided describe God’s archtype for love.

Easter has become so commercialised that its essence has been removed and replaced with chocolates and bunny rabbits. Regrettably the truth is Christians are just as guilty as unbelievers in our approach towards the season. I can’t speak for everyone by since I’ve started working full time Easter for me is a few days off work - A holiday I long for.

This post serves as a reminder to me that Easter is more than just a holiday, more than a time of solemn contemplation about the death and resurrection of Jesus but rather an acknowledgement of GOD’S INDESCRIBABLE LOVE FOR US’.

· A love that guarantees us life;
· A love that takes all, bears all and asks for nothing in return;
· A love like none other;
· The greatest love of all coupled with the greatest sacrifice of all;
· The love that gave itself up as proof of its existence;
· The love my heart pants for.

In this demonstration of Love I find newness of life and an abundance of Joy. Easter should be a time of Celebration – Celebration of His life and most of all celebration of the fact that He has given us new life. It’s not really whether we go to Church or not but about us taking time out to ask what impact Easter has on the way we live our life. Its amazes me how He wilfully gave his life just for love. Do you know anyone who would die for you? I say NO; because our love is confined in time and His is eternal. For Him it was not the end but rather the beginning. Embrace that new Beginning!

How can this be related to everyday life I hear you say? Well let us think about how we feel in a happy relationship. Mull over a moment where an innocent winsome gesture stopped you in your tracks and changed your perception of love. In a second everything changed and it suddenly came to you ‘darnnnnnnnnn I love this man (or woman)’. It doesn’t happen all the time but at that moment life is great, everything looks good and feels right because you love someone so much and you know they love you back.

Now multiply that feeling by 10 a million times. Are you excited yet?
Can you imagine that perpetual feeling of love and happiness? It’s indescribable. I am excited because I have tasted some of that love and I can testify that nothing comes close.

I am looking forward to Easter this year because I am surrounded by people who understand the essence of Easter as a demonstration of love and a fulfilment of purpose. This weekend I’ll bask in the fullness of the knowledge of His love.

Have a wonderful Easter.
Love Always,

Suzy Peaches


Aramide said...

This is so true i.e. the true meaning and significance of Easter. Something to definitely reflect on. I wish you all a happy easter.

Anonymous said...

happy easter

Anonymous said...

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