No Smoking Day

It's the UK's first No Smoking Day since 1984 and more than two million smokers are estimated to try to quit today - gee can't wait. We should all support these smokers in the various activities being held today - check out the No Smoking Day site. Luckily I'm a non-smoker so writing this is not very emotional for me but for all you readers/bloggers who do smoke - try and stop oh! Found a cute pic for you:

Cute Ashtray huh?

Secondly it's Dimples birthday today! So happy birthday to her! Three cheers - for she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow. For those who don't know her, she's an avid commenter on blogger but owns no blog. Dimples please step up your game. Many more years to come lav! And on her behalf, she is advertising so please check it out!

Next, I have some SCANDY GIST (as in scandalous) for you guys -- but let me let you see/read for yourselves. Quite an interesting blog from these "mixed" Naija ladies -

Uzo, sorry I'm just sharing this but hey, better late than NEVER - Check out the 'Bachelor' showing on Naijablogger - you have to guess the Bachelorettes from what they describe and so does the Bachelor. He also chooses whom he wants after a certain point. He's exxed two of the bachelorettes - one was me heheh, even with my cute avatar - shetmen, I didn't understand the rules of the game - IN MY DEFENCE! See the series:

See Uzo's blog for the rest, I suggest you click here and start from the bottom to enjoy the series. Maybe next time hehe :o) Nice one Uzo.

Next UP! Musiq Soulchild's new album - Luvanmusiq is out in stores now. You should be able to sample it on his website or his myspace.

LUVANMUSIQ Track Listing:
1. B.U.D.D.Y
2. Ms. Philadelphia
3. TeachMe
4. BetterMan
5. TheQuestions
6. Today
7. MakeYouHappy
8. Ridiculous
9. Millionaire
10. TakeYouThere
11. Lullaby
12. GreatestLove

Watch out for Styl Plus and co. @ the London Astoria this week (17th March). NaijaVixen (NV for short) has more info. Other's who will be performing include:

See flyer for details or go to or and see



Bella Naija said...

Happy Birthday to Dimples!!!!!!
I will advertise her site on my blog as well!

Umm....the Smoker's Day thingey is a great idea! Pleeeeease they need that in Nigeria as well..These days tooo many people are chain smokers! its terrifying, you go out and come back home with smokey smelling hair, clothes etcc..not cute!

Thanks for all the info Mona...U really keep us updated!


Dimples said...

Oh thanks Mona..mwah much love!!!!..thanks for making my day a FANTASTIC one.
Thanks Pink Panther and my darling Bella Naija.....hmm!! a year older and wiser….I thank God sha.

Pink Panther yes o I’m a Man Utd fan..infact till I die sef..would have thought my profile would have been a big giveaway.

Nice one Bella on advertising the’s not actually mine..I wish…it’s owned by very close friends of mine young naija boys-26 actually looking to change the status of unemployed workers in our country Nigeria.

LondonBuki said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dimples!!!!

Uzo said...

Happy Birthday Dimples....

This Bachelor thing is cool - Look for an email from me...

Dimples said...

Oh thanks londonbuki and Uzo....oh people in blogville are so nice.

Naija Vixen said...

happy buffdai Dimples!!!!

Kush said...

I go that Styl-Plus concert and I those guys short changed us. They were on stage for less than thirty minutes and there was no backing band! So they sang to tapes of their instrumentals. One of my cousins even suspected that they were miming at one point. Anyway thank God for Nneka and Four Corners (If not for dem guys I would have been asking for my hard earned Pounds back.

Anonymous said...

what happend to the stupid yellow pawpaw. i knew they would not last. they were so fake. am glad they are gone