What the Blog?!!

Hahaha got that line off chichi just had to use it. So my last topic was a bit serious, but we all agree that sometimes we need to get serious/get cracking rather than just fun fun fun. Fun is good! But having your head screwed on tight is even better.

That said, I thought blogging was a happy hobby (sometimes tense with some serious debates and people disagreeing)? WelI, I was navigating blogs and came across some serious HEAT WAVES in the Badagry-Beer clash.

Seems like this 'Beer and Codes guy' was tagged and wrote his comments and Miss Badagry wasn't having it with regards to what he wrote so she replied his blog! Find his blog here and then hers here. Very heated mates, brace yourselves - also read the comments.

Milklady update: NLI Competition -
For the benefit of those who may be interested in this (obviously not everyone) please check out this link (Essay).


Anonymous said...

That was interesting ;-) I'm going to reply post a comment on your two previous blogs re the new dawn thing. I want to be very careful about what I write ;-)

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

where is the cooking blog??

fight on blogger...let me read what this is all about!

Anonymous said...

Naija sha! Even for Internet too.
Interesting how you come of with these nuggets Mona ;)