A New Dawn (part 1)

New Dawn with Funmi Iyanda - Nigeria's equivalent of Oprah Winfrey. Okay, that's a bit far-fetched, maybe Tyra (for those who have never seen the Tyra Banks show click on the link).

Back to 'New Dawn', I have never seen it (isn't it funny how I've never seen any of these things but I seem to know so much about them?? I'm a certified tacher i.e. attache, follow-follow but said in a much cooler way - TACHER!)vocab but the show is supposed to be sooo cool. It is very unlike other talk shows we have in Nigeria such as Bisi Olatilo's, Soni Irabor Live or good old Frank Olize (bless).

Funmi Iyanda is a diva and guests on her show have varied from the likes of Bisi Alimi, the UNILAG student who came out on to Nigerian National TV that he was gay, to Sasha (female rapper), to Gbenga Sesan (Mentor and first IT Youth Ambassador for Nigeria), Lagbaja, even Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (Nigeria's Minister of Finance), Bola Tinubu (Lagos State Governor) and other renowned persons and mentors.

I'm happy Nigeria is attaining great heights as people are realising their potential more and more everyday. [Ahem! You and I know this last sentence is a load of bollocks, okay, "some of it" because a lot of Nigerians have realised their potential since like forever but if you ain't got the paper or the connects then sh** ain't happening so until then, we continue to marvel at the wondrous works of those who have realised their potential sugar coated with connections or with what they had to sacrifice or in some cases, sell (cough) or the with the douche vocabthey have, which they were either born into (a few of them) or which they made working hard (very few of them) or the most popular one......STEALING (either in the posh, unnoticcable way - the way they do in the high places, or in the RAGGO vocab way) or the second most popular - freelancing/other people's money analyst/419 ].

Nonetheless, upon realising I've digressed so much, I can say I'm sure Funmi worked hard to get to where she is (at least I hope)! Okay, okay, okay, so she did work to get to where she got to - see here.

So, the show is one to look out for when you're back home or if you get NTA where you are or whichever channel it broadcasts on. The website is quite funky. I was reading about an interesting topic held on the show in the past - about Ogun State Government requiring female students to take virginity tests in schools before they could be awarded scholarships! (Link) Hellooooo??

Oooh I so wish this were a forum, we could have got a heated debate going up in herr! Well, that's what you get in Nigeria in 2005/6 you need to take a virginity test before you can be given a scholarship in Ogun state.

Okay I think I've shared enough today. Sadly, I've not highlighted the moral of this article but I will tomoz cos that was the reason for my putting this up. Have a nice day folks!

p.s. Another Bisi Olatilo link here

p.p.s. I've just been told that the Genevieve link doesn't work. Someone tell her to manage her site jo. Wikipedia has something on her here.


LondonBuki said...

We need to find a way to advertise your blog to more Nigerians... I like it A LOT.

Dimples said...

This babe...why you going be hating on my Funmi like that(spoke to her like once!!!..use to exchange e-mails once upon a time!!!... but whatever men let me chill on my attachee attributes!!!)
Anyways back to Funmi Iyanda...she started the programme way back in 1998 or 1999....in those days when u were still wearing checked house-girl uniform(only hating men..u know now!! :)...she has definately taken the show to new heights and loving every moment...this single mother is constantly in and out of City People,Oviation...and whatever else is out there...and looking bonze as ever.
She most definately has worked her ass off..from Channel 7 in Tejuosho to getting the show to go national...that is defiantely hard work in Naija well unless your surname ends in **Ben Bruce(Silverbird family)
Calling her Naija Oprah..is a bit too deep...cos those are some serious boots to fill...as for Tyra allow that side men!!!
But well done hun...i actually look forward to reading from you everyday now...haba joblessness sha...any how God de!!!

Aramide said...

Thanks dimples and londonbuki, I appreciate that a lot :o)

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

Please post the link on the gay unliag student. i'm curious to read about that! LOL. any clips from this show....nawa Nigerian Oprah. :)

Aramide said...

Okay I'll look for it and i'll let you know xx

Anonymous said...

Must say I've also taken a liking to your blog. Witty, funky and just plain interesting. Beats trying to read Naija newspapers anytime :)

1511th said...

I saw New Dawn in Nigeria and I really liked it, it's quite different from the norm but still interesting sha.

Nkem said...

I must say I've met Funmi before. She was pleasant, no airs or graces. She was forthright without being arrogant. I didn't realise until ages later that she was nearly as famous as me. hehe. But I like her, and this is coming from someone who thinks Oprah should be sent to space in a capsule which orbits all the planets and never comes back. You go Funmi girl! Whoop, whoop.

Icy PR said...

hhahah nice one. I'm an Funmi Fan o.. The woman is holding it down and looking fabulous while doing so.. Nice entry...

Virginity Test? in 05/06 watch those gurl come out of there dis-virgined by the same doc who just did the test.. infact that thought is just annoying!

Anonymous said...

Nice one of funmi. I'm a fan too. but 1 thing I dont always like being said is the oprah thingy about funmi. She isnt Nigeria's Oprah. She is Nigeria's Funmi. Why do we have to westernize to mordernize. We can choose to Africanize to mordernize. this is what funmi is doing. telling the Nigerian Story, one at a time.

Good work you doing. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Funmi Iyanda needs to go to finishing school for lessons on diction. Her command of the english language and her spoken english is poor. Too many 'dats (thats), dis (this). It is too disgraceful.