I have really been in the movie-watching mood all week and most of the Hollywood Blockbusters I want to see have not been released yet! So I have had to make do with about 2 Yoruba movies per night. Most have been really good, except for one - Omo Yahoo! I had to take it out of the dvd player sharpish before I threw the case at the TV - Crikey!

Anyway, I am waiting for the following movies to be released (sometime this year). See trailers below:

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins - trailer []

What Happens In Vegas - trailer []

First Sunday - trailer []

Leatherheads - trailer []

Meet the Browns - trailer []

Other movies I plan on watching:

Somebody help me - watch trailer here

The Perfect Holiday - watch trailer here []

College Road Trip - watch trailer here []

Other Hollywood News:

Check out Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony on the photoshoot of ALADDIN in this video

Also check out Jennifer Hudson on the Sex and the City Movie set.

Beyonce Nabs Etta James Role In Upcoming Movie - read

Her "Beyonce Experience " dvd trailer is available on youtube

Speaking of Beyonce, her song "Flaws and All" is featured on the Why Did I Get Married Soundtrack. Track listing:

1. Keith Sweat f/Keysia Love U Better
2. Babyface Sorry for the Stupid Things
3. Anita Baker - You Belong To Me
4. Kelly Price - Why
5. Gerald Levert - DJ Don’t Remix
6. Musiq - Betterman
7. Tyrese - One
8. Hope - Who Am I To Say
9. Beyonce - Flaws And All
10. Laura Izibor - Mmmm
11. Amel Larrieux - No One Else
12. Tamika Scott-Why Did I Get Married
13. Michael Buble - L-O-V-E
14. Jennifer Holiday - Givin’ Up

The album is available to grab here

Finally, I talked about the Bible Experience dvd a while ago (click here) and a reader of my blog went ahead to buy it and spoke of how it is truly amazing. Visit The Bible Experience website.

Have a good weekend! xx


Anonymous said...

I am extremely concerned about your taste in movies... if you are nice to me I can send you a couple of those movies now.

Aramide said...


Ms.Diva said...

mona..i bought the bible experience and i am LOVING it too. btw where's my "do me" song?

Dimples said...

Nice one Mona...seen "First Sunday"..and men I had to switch off half way..maybe the intresting parts are @ the end sha..or possibly when the credits are rolling down....

But thanx for the info...will surely be looking out for them...

Well done to Jennifer Hudson...not too sure about the outfit sha...but I guess there's a reason.

Yessie said...

Thanks for the soundtrack Mona

Girlie said...

its not in ur line of movies, cos i can see ur kinda loving hte whole romantic comedy thingy...but jumper is good...

Anonymous said...

mona are u really serious about those movies....kai that save me movie (omarion and co) will make u feel like u're loosing brain cells....i cudnt watch more than 15mins of the movie


Unbiased said...

I support yyt!!
Somebody help me looks sick. I can watch that!! No even for the 'B2K' eyecandy.
The rest of your selections are cool though. I am a diehard Tyler Perry fan anyday.
Ohh and i got the bible experience. Way cool!

. said...

I see you're supporting the black entertainment movement because most of these movies were rather crap. Do you sha

Girlie said...

mona......u never stop by these days....i take it ur extremely busy....

still luv ur blog tho....


Anonymous said...

im proud of jennifer ... so proud

Aramide said...

ok to be not into ALL those movies

i would be sad

i did force myself to watch perfect holiday tho - it was torture

Mari said...

The perfect holiday...EWWWWWW!
Dont even bother with that!