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Valentines Day

I got this message from a group on facebook "so you think you can cook?"

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m sure a lot of folks are beating themselves up wondering what to get that special someone in your life. Bump the Victoria Secret crap…..it’s done! The boring old perfume and the gifts in the little blue box! How about something fresh and original that actually takes a bit of effort on your part and is priceless not just MasterCard! How about you cook them some dinner!!! It’s the sweetest thing ever! Set the table, chill some Champaign, dim the lights and cook something special!

So this Valentine get your grub on with the help of some of the most fabulous chefs from all over, take a look at the different recipes and pick one that’s right for you! Besides, a great meal is the perfect aphrodisiac for a special night such as Valentine!
If there is no current special one at the moment, that’s cool too…cook yourself some comfort food! LOL

Have fun and be blessed!!!

That sounds like fun, how about this for a valentine's meal ? LOL see how the guy put everything down, ready to attack. I can imagine his sleeves rolled up!

Alternatively, if you are in Lagos and are the going out/nocturnal type, there are valentines day parties for couples and singles at Piccolomondo and Bacchus.

HBS-ABC 2008

The Harvard Business School Africa Business Conference is coming up this weekend (from 15th Feb.) once again in Boston, MA. For those interested you can still sign up here. It's all about networking, careers, panels discussing about business, investments and Africa. It is worth going for, trust me.

The cocktail reception on Friday night (Feb 15) with executives from Renaissance Capital will include:

There will also be two after parties. See flyers below:

An evening with P-Square

They may have been caught up in an unfortunate event recently but thankfully, they are alive and are performing at the Eko Hotel (Lagos, Nigeria) this Saturday (16th Feb). See flyer below:

London Nigerians Rugby Football Club Fundraiser

Press Release: Last year they toured in Nigeria and made waves not only in Nigeria but Africa sponsored by Virgin nigeria and FBN amongst others. Oxfam and Reuters news have taken keen interest in their charity and publicity work. They are set to return in the summer to pick up were they left off.

This Saturday, come drink, dance and party whilst helping to support a good cause! (and pick up a late valentine maybe??) Check out their blog - London Nigerians Rugby.

Entry fee: £10
Location: Lati Ri, Rivington Street, Shoreditch EC2A 3BE.

Watch out for my review on the Imperial College ACS Afro Gala - Pulse


Anonymous said...

mona forgot to mention i lurve ur new look lol...keep up d good work.

HBS sounds like a fab idea, who knows maybe i'll be able to visit sometime.

Happy vals in advance

Anonymous said...

Yup I love it too

Pyeri Boy said...

Mona i need to be in touch with you as soon as possible. Its urgetn.

Please email me at bobbytaylorconsulting@gmail.com

Thanks doll

Fausset said...

u need to check out howardabc.com, i think its going to be better than harvard, its the first ever at Howard.

Anonymous said...

Champagne is spelt incorrectly on that blurb from the group on FB.