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It's all about LV this year really. In case you haven't noticed, they've gone a bit haywire/OTT/Glam call it whatever but LV have now teamed up with Pharrell Williams for a new jewellery line - Blason. These items of fine jewellery are designed by Pharrell and Camille Miceli and the pieces range from $2,070 to a whopping $621,000 dollars.

"Good to see a rapper not spending money on jewellery but actually making money off of it. With music sales down, it is a good idea to diversify your hustle" - RealTalkNY.


As Valentines Day is fast approaching. What are your plans? Some people do not pay any attention to such occasions and do not celebrate while others go all out. Which type of valentines day victim are you?

Nollywood on TV:

Another thing going Haywire is on-Demand Nollywood TV. After the introduction of Africa Magic on DSTV (Nigeria & Other African Countries) a few years ago, came Nollywood TV (Channel 331 on Sky [UK&Europe], currently free but will soon be on-demand for subscribers). Similar channels have evolved even on the internet. Check out WoffaTV - just like any channel on TV but this one is online! You can also bookmark it.

If you are looking for a recent article on Nollywood, check out Chakams' Corner.

Deola Sagoe Launch

Video of Deola Sagoe

The opening of Deola Sagoe's Flagship Store & Lifestyle Boutique was held on Wednesday the 30th of January, 2008 at 292 Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island. Lagos. The two floor Flagship Store will host a: Pret A Porter, Haute Couture & Made to Order Vip Department aswell as a Cafe & Restaurant, giving Lagosians the ultimate Fashion shopping experince.

Visit www.deolasagoedesign.com

Remembering Heath Ledger - R.I.P

More showbiz stuff on Saturday. xxx


Anonymous said...

By the looks of things, I'll be lucky if I get that value Tesco card for Valentine's day...

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

lol at the tesco vals day card!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hehehehehehehehe i cant believe that tesco valentines day card geez

Aramide said...

LOL men believe o - lil mama, we have to sort that out, i think ill put a tesco vals day card in the post

Anonymous said...

I don't know y I can't see d pics.
I pay vals day no mind. Its like everyother day to me.
R.I.P Heather.

Anonymous said...

lol. that's not a real tesco valentine's card someone made it to take the piss. lol