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Nigeria at the MTN 26th Africa Nations Cup

It is being held in Ghana (as most of you know) and we lost today's match to Cote d'Ivoire. But we are playing against Mali on Friday this week and against Benin Republic next Tuesday so all hope is not lost. The official website is

You can also watch matches and highlights at Also check out All Soccer Africa for African soccer lovers, fixtures, team analysis and fantasy soccer.

The Niger Delta

Everybody has heard or read about the conflicts and issues in the Niger Delta region including militants, gunmen and kidnappings. It is so bad that now Nigerians even joke about how much the ransom could be for their Non-Nigerian friends if they were kidnapped! Of course this is meant to be light hearted humour but from a serious point of view, we have never been a terrorist country per se and that is what Nigeria is becoming. Such stories put expats off Nigeria.

Recent News includes:

Attack mars oil talks in Nigeria - BBC
Nightfall in Port Harcourt, Nigeria - Interesting article

For those who love reading, I found the most detailed and articulate article on the Niger Delta titled -
Curse of The Black Gold Hope and Betrayal in The Niger Delta

The following video (watch here) shows residents of Port Harcourt walking on the streets with their arms raised as ordered by the Security Forces - this was back in August.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this. For anyone who lives in PH or is aware of the situation, what is the update there these days?

Anyway, I really wanted to focus on George Clooney in The Niger Delta. Read story here


i) Aries Spears - Very talented. If you ain't heard of him, you are a slacker! See video below. Also visit his website and myspace.

ii) Enough with the African/Naija Remixes Already! African Rendition of Kiss Kiss - see below

(NEW!) Self Help Section - Getting over jealousy

I'm sure everyone has had the feeling of jealousy at some point or the other, some more than others, some very frequently. I don't think anyone is immune to jealousy i.e. not able to get jealous but there are people who choose not to be. I think any emotion we feel is a choice we make in our minds and psyche and as it is a new year, I urge you to read the following article on getting over jealousy.

Bride To Be?

I always like my blog to have something for everyone. The Brides Noir magazine is quite nice and I thought I'd better feature it. Brides Noir (meaning Black Brides) features useful websites, pictures, ideas, information and advice for prospective brides hehe :o) You can also flick through the e-magazine -


Check out - an online marketplace.

Enjoy xx


Anonymous said...

the brides noir mag is cool

that curse of the black gold write up is amazing

LOL at aries aka jayz

Girlie said...

thank you very much... i thot i was the only one sick of those remixes....

the brides noir mag seems interesting??

Mona u do cover all areas!!!!!


Uzo said...

The brides noir magazine seems promising....

The Niger Delta issue is heartbreaking....

Ms. Catwalq said...

Football: sorry not a fan so I have no comment

Niger Delta: My sister, I am secretly panicked and silently praying....because the ones to suffer are the ones who already are.

Brides: Will come and check it out in a few years...not ready for that now.

Whogobuy: u might want to edit that as a link to the site cos right now it isn't.

Anonymous said...

My two countries are playing against each other, who do I support? Well, I guess it's a win-win situation for me ;)

Men, that Niger Delta situation is really sad. As you said, Nigeria has never been a terrorist country, and I pray that it never becomes one.
I don't know about George Clooney going to the Niger Delta because they requested him to go. Abi won fe pa bobo yen ni?

Ms zee said...

We need Clooney Intervention... A shame shame shame.. we put ourselves in this mess is it not fitting that we get ourselves out of it?

Like my Grandma says, "it is Greed, only Greed".

I am sick sick sick of the Delta Issue..

Anonymous said...

My wifee is back... been super busy so I hadn't had a chance... Will be a regular again...

Anonymous said...

definitely buying brides noir if i can get it here. Need to start compiling wedding data.

nice one mona

Anonymous said...

loving that kiss kiss song lol....

Aramide said...

just tired of the renditions!

Anonymous said...

The movie cover is very, where did you get it from?