What Do I Blog About Today?


  • Naughty Akon? Following R.Kelly's footsteps or what? Well, how was he to know she was 14?! And that her pops was a preacher? She too what was she doing there? Very under-aged LOL More on the story
    here and catch the video here.

  • Russell Simmons wants offensive words removed from hip-hop music- read here . Trying to do some good stuff is he? What do you think guys? How far will he really get with this?

  • Meanwhile, did you know that Timbaland hosted Hillary Clinton's fundraiser and raised $800,000 for her campaign? Yep, Timbaland as in Timbaland and Magoo/Justin lol.

  • Baby Daddy in the HIZZOUSE! Better go and claim your pikin Mr. Man!

Events? Hmm let me see:

  • Official Soul Music Conference - Sat. 28th April hosted by Erykah Badu (check out www.neosoulcafe.com) being held in Dallas, Texas. Really wish I could go lol (for what, I don't know):

TV Commercials:

  • This girl shaaaa, she is just making all the money! Guess who:

  • Trivial Naija commercial LOL!

Okay, more tomorrow xxx


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Akon almost did an 'r kelly'.. the geezer saw the opportunity to 'wuk up'.. unfortunately he was barking up an 'under-age' tree.. lol..

As for Russell.. if you don't try you will never know..do your thing..

Timbaland should come and raise money for the 'Pink Panther' campaign..' give it to me'.

As for Mr Murhpy : if you did the 'crime' ( know what i mean).. u will do the time ( well maybe not time but u will have to drop funds)

okay I dozed off half way through the naij commercial.. as in 'LONG'..

cheers Mona...

Anonymous said...

long tins mehhn with beyonce!!! im sick of her to be honest, the commercial is boring and daft!!! ohh yeah and doest mel B look like nicole from PUSSY CAT DOLLS!!! that Nig add (LMFAO)OBONGE COMPANY WITH THE JAZZ MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND!!!

Dimples said...

Anywhich way way me i'm still an Akon fan...se the preacher did not raise his child up properly ni??

After how many years of Russell Simmons and his music labels dropping offensive shit in your airwaves does he now want to go all born-again on us??..hisss!!

Oh Poor Mel B...i hope Eddie sha pays up...she needs some love and good luck in her life sha.

Mona are we still going for this Nigeria Next Top Model Event or what??

As for Miss Knowles..$$$$$$ smiling to the bank.

Lol @ that naija advert...they could have improved on those 2 women sha...she didn't convince me @ all o.

Aramide said...

I don't mind but this weekend is looking tight -- plus I never saw a whole crowd going to watch the ANTM finals....trust Naijas to make money -- Dimples, clarify and holler!

ababoypart2 said...

Russell Simmons' current position of wanting to ban the use of certain words on records is "self-serving.

Of course it is. Most things Russell does are gonna be self-serving. But this time he is self-serving for the right reasons.

Aramide said...

Thanks ababoy for clearing that up :o) Long time xx

Anonymous said...

Men that Akon stage humping was intense...the babe must have some bruising on her back or something from all that dragging around.

LMAO @ that commercial!

Ejura said...

Mona just want to say a big thank you for childhood memories!I just watched ernie counting grapes on sesame street.I've just been laughing.I'm going to leave yr blog open on my computer for the rest of the day!
Beautiful blog[s] by the way!

Dimples said...

Mona men i'm busting that top model thing jare...i seem to have a busy weekend schedule all of a sudden.

Knowing anything Naija..they will possibly show the whole thing on BEN Tv come next week.

Uzo said...

That person that is doing the dance thing with akon does not look 14 at all. What are these kids eating?

zaiprincesa said...

lol..that Agric girl is not 14 oh..I heard her father is even a pastor..na wa for Akon oh..giving us afriko's a bad name..

Aramide said...

Well he was trying to be like the Trinidadians now, no be so dem dey dance!

Anonymous said...

lol that ad was too funny! "That my guy wey dey london" I guess now you have no excuse not to send credit to naija