The Two In One! :o) (2)

Suzy Peaches has taken a very loooong sabbatical, as some of you may have realised and without notice too! The nerve of that lady - so I have to be as regular as possible. For those who don't know Suzy Peaches, she is a friend, who has had a column/post on this blog, weekly for the past few weeks until NOW! Hehe, anyways, she's had a few more commitments as of recent so I understand - you should too :o)

I have a lot for you this weekend so I will put 'em in two posts but before I continue, here is a list of Suzy Peaches previous posts, enjoy:

I advise you all to read at least one of them - there must be something in her articles for every one of us.

Now, to Friday blogging:

  • Going Green: Yesterday was "Walk To Work" Day here in the UK - I obviously did not participate, where do they think I am? Sahara? It's not that serious, all this going green, abeg they should FREE ME. Imagine me drenched in sweat and all smelly after walking 4 miles just because I want to go green, I would still have to waste water and all that because I would need another shower and some food and a drink to replenish my energy. I may also forget to recycle my can and food packaging so in essence, how green is the cause? Anyways it's passed now but the going green thing is everywhere and seems like it's gonna be here forever so please, recycle oh, drive less oh, use less energy oh, turn your electronic devices off oh.

That was a green session from yours truly :o)

  • Video: A very funny AD on internet dating. See below:

  • Competition: I actually thought I put this competition up before, perhaps not, but just to make you aware:

    NELSON PUBLISHERS invites you to write a short but very interesting story on the general theme:

    Living in Lagos - The frustration, the fun, challenges, opportunities etc of life in a mega city.

    Submit entries to:




    Successful entries will be published in a collection of short stories.

    Conditions for entries:

    1. All entries must be typed double-spaced in Microsoft word or Adobe Pagemaker 6.5/7.0

    2. Entries should not exceed 50 Pages A4 Paper size

    3. All entries must be submitted on or before Monday, 30 April 2007. Only successful entries will be acknowledged and the company will NOT enter into ANY correspondence on unsuccessful entries.

    4. All entries MUST have detailed names, address and day phone numbers boldly written on their entries.

    5. Please mark your envelopes on the top right hand corner "SHORT STORY"

    For any more information, please contact Nelson Publishers directly through

  • Careers in Europe - For those interested in working in Europe, the careers in Europe Spring Event will be held on the 3rd and 4th of May in Berlin. Check out the website and apply if interested.

  • The Nigeria's Next Top Model finals is today - see previous posts and flyers for more details and also check out NaijaVixen's blog, she has some interesting stuff for us this Friday.

  • BHF Magazine
    - Introducing BHF Magazine. Check out the website.

  • Rihanna - Umbrella.

    Rihanna's new video is out. See below:

  • MEL B and kids pic -

    I posted yesterday about Mel B's new birth and Eddie Murphy, you can catch the full story in OK Magazine. Full coverage oh - I guess she needs all the dosh being a single mum and all.

  • Another funny vid - How can this South American woman have an animal like this and allow it to commit such atrocities?! Plus her accent and everything, it's all so funny. Lol, please watch till the end.

  • She has repented! -

    Remember our raunchy little 14/15 year old from the Akon Concert? Well, she has said she's sorry and her daddy knows she was provoked, she did not mean to. Yes now, just like they say in Naija - it was the devil. Whatever! See her looking all innocent, with that naughty glint in her eye but who would know?! She needs to be sent to Boot Camp For Naughty Girls Who Transform At Night! (BCFNGWTAN)


Iyaniwura said...

okay..and i don't even know where to start.. it's like Mona is making up for lost time oh..

-all this going green thing is not easy now..but i will try sha..

-internet dating ad is weird but funny

-@ Mona: will your loyalties always lie with True Love, or will u sell out to 'bhf'??

-time for me to rant.. i really i am tired of semi naked women i.e. the Beyonce's and the Shakira's and now the Rihanna... yes i know sex sells... bla bla.. but i want to see all these vid's with least they can have some eyecandy in the background. so more of the d'angelo video ( how does it feel), Marcus Houston- naked -razz version of the d'angelo video), the new aero advert with that Smith guy from Sex and the City... yes i sound like a perve but it is not fair..

- that Akon 'girl' has repented...i'm sorry she was provoked so she decided to wuk up with Akon.. rrigght.....well she said she's sorry..

@ Mona:only BCFNGWTAN, are u having a laugh? lol...

Anonymous said...

Mona nice stuff here oh, a lot of info. Lol @ BCFNGWTAN

Anonymous said...

that dog video is mad funny! he bite me in my v***** lollllllllllll but his teeth not so sharp..........and that makes it okay????

Anonymous said...


Hengish said...

Lol ! BCFNGWTAN ... jokes. Thanks for the Rihanna video, I ve been searching for it forever. The video is very beyonce with less aggression.

Uzo said...

Was she also provoked to wear that very inappropriate top for a 14/15 year old?

Aramide said...

@ Uzo n Flaky - Abi ohhh

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love rihannas new video.. she looks so gorgeous

Anonymous said...

BCFNGWTAN!!!!!!!!!!! hehe mona ure a case

Naija Vixen said...

lol at gurls who transform at nyt!!!brings back memories of those gurls bak in boarding skl who used to scale fence to go to parties...i wasnt part of them oh!!!Oya update now!!!

Biodun said...

Mona where u @ girl, miss u! I am so loving that Rihanna song!

Mari said...

Yes Mona, where are u? Update...LMAO

Bella Naija said...

Where are u???????????????

Anonymous said...

hmmn.i know where Mona is!

Aramide said...

for those who cared to ask! I had to go away, i'm back tho...will blog soon xx

In my head and around me said...

Ok, was going to ask too.

Naija Vixen said...

Come bak!!!bin checking everyday...hope you are okay tho?

Naija Vixen said...

Where are you now?its getting too much oh...okay question 4 u...i want to style my hair a la Rihanna...shuld i bother??? ;-) Oya,sorryy....come back!

Anonymous said...

always loved this blog...but mehn u need to update o