Time To Catch Up (2) - Weekend Edition

But before I do:

  • Festival of Life (website) tonight - the theme is All Will Be Well. :o) That just puts a smile on my face.

  • Next, Eva Pigford of ANTM? What is she up to these days? See below (courtesy - Naijavixen)

  • Also going on today, Friday the 13th (ooh scary) - another DeJaVu party in ATL (see flyer below)

  • This is definitely the idiot of the year if it's a true story - see pic below and click to enlarge.

  • Check out your birth verse here!

Now to a couple more of my favourite bloggers - catching up :o)

  1. Mari - just got engaged but wants to scream! Find out why.
  2. A Gold Mine is trying to determine whether or not to stop eating branded chocies for ethical reasons.
  3. Aderemi looks at Africa in the 1960s where we were at a crossroads and Tafawa Balewa was on the cover of TIME Magazine. It's 2007 and we are still at those crossroads, only difference is I don't remember any of our PMs on the cover of TIME recently.
  4. Not Just Ok has a lot to say - particularly about perception, a good post and also a vid on Atiku (switching sides or what?)
  5. DonChiChi is back (KINDA) and has a lot to say - from Christmas to Work to Vals to Music to his Trips to his Passing Out on the Bathroom Floor (see his blog for pic).
  6. ZaiPrincesa gives us gist about her drunken shenanigans (it's all lurve)
  7. Biodun is back BABY! And has a myriad Naija stories to share :o)

Have a good weekend all! :o)


Dimples said...

Thanks for all the info Mona

Definately going to FOL 2nite...going to pray for myself and Naija seriously with the up coming elections.

LOL....on the idiotic Porsche salesman...it would have been so nice to be @ that store that day...the naija spirit in me will go and borrow money and buy 10 which is = to 20 quick quick!!! Ship half of it to my Alaba and Ladipo boys to sell ASAP..and flog the remaining on ebay…yup!!! Business woman extraordinary.

Have a FAB weekend all.

Mari said...

*BIG GRIN* cheers for the shout out, babes!

Why am I not happy wit my bible verse- "Matthew 7:15 NIV
“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."
Scary, I should say.

Have a wonderful weekend, darlin.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ the Porsche dealer story but it is false..lol


have a great weekend!

Aramide said...

so much fake info online - SHEESH!

hope y'all are having a good weekend :o)

TMinx said...

Hope you had a good weekend..whats good?

zaiprincesa said...

lol..ure silly Mona. Happy Birthday.

Biodun said...

Hope u had a nice weekend n yeah I read on Low's blog that it was ur bday, so happy birthday girl n hope u have a wonderful day today!

Naija Vixen said...

happy buffdai babes!!!

Mari said...

Happy bday babes... hope you got my email!

laspapi said...

I just went to birthday verses. It was enlightening but strange, Remind me to explain myself. Happy birthday again.