Proudly Nigerian: The Funny Post

I am Nigerian and I am proud - mostly because of what a lot of Nigerians have achieved and it's nice to hear that we are sharp people with that Vavavoom! I met a South African guy last weekend and he goes "well most of the Africans people meet at uni are Nigerian" then come the Ghanaians (yea they do try) and then Kenyans...hehe but we are the 'ish'.

I also love Nigeria because we come up with all sorts! As innn! Take for instance this young lad, men he made my whole afternoon, it was filled with shock and laughter! No really WHAT IS THIS?

If you are still totally amused or in shock like me, this is the original (i.e. what he was trying to copy)

LOLLLL, anywhoo! After you've finished laughing, I'd like to introduce a friend into Blogville - her blog is titled A Gold Mine and she is a crazy chic - also Proudly Nigerian. At least I hope! So welcome her to Blogville please.

Now for some real Proudly Nigerian stuff. In line with the Federal Government's renewed drive to encourage exports, a group of experts have come up with suggestions on how to improve the image of our local products by making their names attractive and in line with International Standards on exports. Feel free to offer suggestions:

  • Kuli kuli - Peanut bars
  • Donkuwa/ Robo Alata - Hot Charcolit nuts
  • Kilishi - Beef Crackers
  • Dundun - Yamarita (WHATTT)
  • Fried Potato - Potarita (lolll right)
  • Pako/Atu (Chewing stick) - Dental Stickos
  • Boli - Barbecue Plantain
  • Roasted corn - Corn Aflame
  • Eko - Corn Jellos
  • Moin moin - Bean pie
  • Isi ewu - Goat-hed o lickins' (remember ur fingers)
  • Garri - Grain o' fibres
  • Bokoto/ Nkwobi - Hoof salad
  • Ogi/Akamu - Corn Caramel
  • Puff Puff - Energy Buns
  • Chin Chin - Dough Rocks
  • Zobo - Juice Rosa Afrik
  • Kunnu - Grain Alive
  • Burundi - Cocno Jaw-Breakers
  • Bread and Akara - Bean cake Burger
  • Ofada rice - Unpolished Rice for Vegetarians
  • Adalu - Lentils & Grain Salad

This is a joke right? P.S. I did not come up with them.

Nigerian Shows - There are so many on:

  1. Nigeria's Next Top Model (website)
  2. Idols West Africa (website)
  3. Stars on the Runway - hosted by Richard Blackwood and Stella Damasus Aboderin (website)
  4. Shine - The Ultimate Talent show - brought to us by Kanu heart foundation (website and myspace)
  5. Also, does anyone know if the Rising Star Show on NTA is still on?

Holler! Hope you're having a good week :o) xxx


Dimples said...

Ok I’m @ work I can’t view any of those clips…but can’t wait to see them….need some laughter in my life @ the moment.

Ok as for that list u really have to be taking the piss as in really pulling the hell out of our legs…
As in Yamarita and Potarita….who the hell sat down and got paid to compose this list.
I feel them though on the Kuli kuli,Pako-possibly should have been called Dental Sticks ,Boli,Moin Moin,and Chin chin..cause really I couldn’t think of any other names myself.

How in the name of God is bean cake burger going to be appeasing to the common man on the street from now on?? "Abegi Mama Kasali give me 3 bean cake burger…make I take quench my hunger"…chill abeg.

Ofada rice-Unpolished Rice for Vegetarians abi????When does it become veggie before or after it is drained with meat,shaki,kpomo, and assorted meat stew??

I’m proudly Nigerian…but our people should chill for us small sef!!!.
Before u know Kunu drink will now be called “Fermented Cow Breast Milk in a bottle. .KAI!!!

Aramide said...


Anonymous said...

Kuli Kuli--peanut bars?
Eko---- corn jellos?
Big jokes !!!

u sure know how to make things sound Posh, SHIOR

Biodun said...

The guy has to be on somethin for realz, lol
Fried yam is called actually "yamaritas" @ TFC, lol love them by the way
I love the name of Eko n which one is energy buns, lol...nice post girl!

Dimples said...

LOL...Black Jesus was just too hilarious...was even feeling him more than the original singer.....

Representing Naija o...keep it up...watching out for your album o.

Anonymous said...

Funny is the word!!!!!!!!!those our peeps to exagerate...

"puff puff-energy buns"....wot abi they shud be called cholesterol this for real or jokes cuz the names will repel rather than attract...very scary

Anonymous said...

Proudly Nigerian.

That Black Jesus Rapper guy can't be serious!:o

As for those names...

WTF is Corn Aflame? what is wrong with keeping roasted corn + who the hell is going to go to the shops and order 'HOOF SALAD' or 'Cocno Jaw-Breakers'?? Ridiculous, your friend was right, Nigerians do come up with all sorts.

Mhen Mona where do you find these things - too funny. I am going to have to stop reading this blog while I am at work cos reading it will get me fired soon.

Anonymous said...

Lol Ramsey, please tell me you're kidding about those names! Yamarita... that sounds like someone's name. Where do u find this stuff?

Mari said...

Babes, you are so wrong for putting up that first WTH?! ROTFLMAO! How did you find that video...

laspapi said...

who thought up these punk names?

Aramide said...

in the words of shaggy "WASN ME"

Unknown said...

Tell the truth o!

my thots said...

really funy, someone actuall sat down and composed this,lol, check out my blog

Anonymous said...

that guy rapping is a disaster..a funny and refreshing u have made me hungry with all d line up of food n all!

Anonymous said...

you've got a great imagination.
Proudly Nigerian jare

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