The Aftermath.........

Halo/Hello/Hulo/Aloha/Salut/Bonjour/Ciao...... thanks all for yesterday. Straight to blogging:

1. The Beyonce world tour starts in July, check out her site and her fan club site for info. Also, check out her new videos:

2. How does one get from New York to London by car? My sister sent this to me, it is pretty interesting, check out the link and concentrate on number 23 - Click here. Other than that it's pretty direct i.e. the route. Innit?

3. Work in a Golf Resort in Hokkaido or a Beach Resort in Okinawa

Location: Okinawa and Hokkaido, Japan.

Period of Employment: Minimum 3+ month Contracts, starting April 5th, May 1st, June 1st, or July 1st (60 percent of positions are available for the High Season July 1st to October 1st)

Benefits: FREE Accommodation and Meals

Remuneration: Salary approx. GBP450 per month.

Closing Date for Applications: April 30th, 2007.

Apply online now:
For Beach Resort work, visit
For Golf Resort work, visit

P.S. this was forwarded on to me, I hereby cannot guarantee credibility of the info or review the scheme but you can enquire on the websites.

4. African Movie academy awards - check out the pictures (full event coverage) here. Some really nice outfits and some really strange ones. Also about 33 Nigerian movies scaled the first hurdle in nominations, not sure if I have the results yet. Check out the movie names here (incl. Amazing Grace, The Covenant Church, Abeni and Irapada - not bad eh??)

5. A very bothered Nigerian party/club-goer decided to vent his anger against girls who go to clubs e.g. Establishment on his Naija Guide To Clubbing - na wa oh! So girls can't go out again and decide not to dance with guys or ja them face again? Na by force? Anyways freedom of speech.

6. Got this in an email from Toni Payne (see below)

Okay, we are in the middle of the week! Not far to go xxx


Unknown said...

A few people would take that # 23 seriously..thanks for sharing

LondonBuki said...

AhAh!!! How many new videos does Beyonce have????

Nice post!

Biodun said...

Beyonce n her fifty million videos, lol
Swim across the atlantic ocean, rofl

Dimples said...

Abeg let's allow Beyonce make her money if she likes sef..she should make 10 video's for one she sabi...she too wants to be a mogul..i aint gonna hate.

Mona when you reach New York ok..just holla @ ur girl and I will be sure to be there.

Saw the awards on BEN a while back..just love how Monique blended in..she could even pronounce some names well well.

LOL @ that Folabi dude that wrote teh guide...sad to say but the dude nailed it on the head...not only Estab sha..a lot of Naija peeps going clubs/bars in Jand.

Aramide said...

@ Jola/Biodun Yea no. 23 got me really amused.

@ Dimples, see u in NY :o)

@ Beyonce's videos - no comment, may she not collapse (she's kuku still young and active/hyperactive/proactive.) Amen.

@ LondonBuki - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is it beans - swim 3,600 miles!
See in New York - Lol

zaiprincesa said...

lol..LMFAO!!!!!!@ Naija guide to clubbin...OMG, I wanra laff die!!

Iyaniwura said...

i guess Beyonce can afford to make a hundred videos if she wanted to. When she said she was a workaholic she was very serious!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah 3,600 miles to NY, think I'll just fly

Beyonce at work

Uzo said...

I meant to wish you a happy bday but work got in the way. Did you have a good day? That golf resort thing looks like fun....Wish i could just take off and do something silly like that

BOBBY said...

I saw that swim accross the atlantic ocean thing, i near died pissing on

Toni Payne...amazing...nuff said!

I like your blog gal!

I swear if i was still a student, i woulda jumped on the jobs at the resorts and what not...great stuff!