Weekend Update

Please read Suzy Peaches Fruit Basket below on - How to Mend A Broken Heart.

However, three things:

  • Google are so silly, we really anticipated what icon they would have on VALS day....and here it is:

    Where did the 'L' go? On a date?

  • Beyonce seeks Dancers for 2007 World Tour. There have been a few auditions and there are two more in Chicago on the 17th and 18th of February for men and women. See her site for more details

  • Those in Boston for the HBS-ABC thing, there is an African Professionals Mixer tonight. More details on the AfriPRO website.


Mari said...

Oh Lord! I didn't even notice the missing "L". Was too busy wondering what the hell was going on with the chocolate covered strawberry.

Queen-O said...

google is funny with their icons. i'm always anticipating them.

Naija Vixen said...

lol...the yahoo icon was all red dripping with flowers,candy and general luv things;-)did you read the report that Bey's dancers are underpaid sumtymes havn to pay for their own flight?isnt she worth lyk...gazillions?;-)atleast she culd get Jay 2 pay now!hope u had a fun wknd?

Anonymous said...

the google is cute.... luv em!!!

Anon said...

Actually...the L did go on a date, with me :-p lol