Naija Television!

i) Atmost Fear

Me I didn't know about this o! Nigeria's version of fear Factor, thanks to Laspapi. It will be worth watching - they have a website. I wonder what challenges they will give - how gory can it get? Or maybe since we are Africans, even gory-er (hehe that was a joke).

ii) Nigeria's Next Movie Star

More and more reality shows in Nigeria, NaijaVixen recently published info on the winner - Portia Yamahan who one this year's Next Movie Star reality tv show, a KIA Rio car, 3 movie contracts and N300,000 cash. Not bad abi? She is from Edo state and attended the University of Abuja. Congrats to her!

iii) The Intern Show (Nigeria)

Who knows whether this is still on? I need more info, the website doesn't really tell you much, I mean it tells you about the prizes, the contestants, what is going on or what went on on the show but when did it end or who was the winner? Holler!

iv) This is Nollywood!

This I got from Aderemi's notebook, about a documentary on Bond Emeruwa's goal which was to make a feature-length Nollywood action film in 9 days (rather long by Nolly standards don't you think?) Click here for the website. Very interesting!

v) Amazing Grace (full preview)

You can now watch the full version of Jeta Amata's Amazing Grace on Youtube. I posted some stuff on this about two weeks ago thanks to Taureanminx.

Jeta Amata is a brilliant producer. I recently watched Last Game. That is the best Nollywood movie I have seen so far sha. Anyways watch the trailer for Amazing Grace below:

vi) NTA AM Express!

The most watched breakfast television show - very varied, very modern, very cool, very refreshing lol! Click here for the website.


Anonymous said...

informative post Mona, helping me while away time at work as usual

Anonymous said...

mehn jeta amata!!!good stuff he is doing!! picture quality is very good and it looks as if the spent alot on production...well proud..well done mona..

Bella Naija said...

LOL...Men, I'm lovin this naija TV selects....
I can see people are really making some can only get better..

Thanks Mona

Anonymous said...

eh i thot we could watch the full movay on youtube...wetin shele?

Aramide said...

only youtube lol better go and buy it or get it off a friend, someone had a go at me on my blog for posting where u could watch movies free....seein as its illegal so my bad hehe...i cant tell u oooo i no want yawa!

@ Pink Panther i'm not sure when it's out xxx

Anonymous said...

did the piece on naija movie star a while back glad to see it is getting round

mona will you go for it?;)

Anonymous said...

9 days too long for Naija movies? Made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I love the audio at

Anonymous said...

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