As the Holiday Ends....

...I look back on both this year and this short holiday I have had. It was very eventful being in Lagos so do I say I enjoyed it? As the Naija to the Core lady, I tried to achieve everything and go everywhere in 13 days - c'est nes pas possible! Well I managed to do about 85%, which to me is really good - went for lunch/dinner, attended a play, went out at night, went to bars and went for a few weddings, get-togethers, engagements.

Very stressful as it was not relaxing in any way, sleeping for three hours each night and spending half of my days at the tailors, I wouldn't say it was a holiday - plus there was family stuff to do! All in all, it was still fun cos now I miss it :-/

I would like to very much highlight our younger generation in this post (well not really younger as we are in the same generation but at this age, we still call them juvvies). I have two sisters so I had first hand experience. I have to say, apart from being the rockers of today i.e. our time has passed, they are very much involved in other stuff such as charity work, fashion shows, concerts and as such, they organise them. What did WE do when we were that age and on holiday apart from pose here and there? I guess they are doing all this stuff in our hindsight as they are also starting businesses and the like. I have some of their events below:

(i) Fusion - Fashion Show (link)

Charity Fashion Show in aid of the fight against illiteracy, poverty and aids with appearances by D'Banj, Banky Wellington, Ikechuckwu, Amplifyd crew, etc.

Click here for facebook link

(ii) Do Sumthing Positive Nigeria Event

Charity fundraiser for Friends of the Disabled organisation.

Click here for facebook link

(iii) Home Sweet Home Party Video

Click here for facebook link

(iv) On Angels Wings - Charity Benefit Fashion Show

I blogged about this earlier.

Click here for facebook link

(v) The Official Hypnotiq Launch in Nigeria

Click here for facebook link

MORE GREASE TO THEIR ELBOWS - I didn't attend any of them but I heard most went really well.

To those still on holiday in Naija, for more info on what's on/new or what to do in Nigeria, visit these sites:

Please come back for my next post which talks about 2007 going forwards and Nigeria. Happy New Year! xxx


Anonymous said...

happy new yr! u won a blogger award!

Aramide said...

ohhh just saw it, thanks guys and Tminx...b back soon

p.s. my dad read my blog yesterday for the first time and is loving it lol

Anonymous said...

My sister was one of the fusion organisers, madly proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Mein enuf trips in naija oh, waow! Good to have u back!

Bella Naija said...

Happy New Year!
I am so proud of all these young ladies.
They have really just proved themselves. The next generation is just too talented and driven!
Despite all the Lagos stresds, hope u had fun tho!
Welcome back!

Dimples said...

Happy New Year hun..nice to have u back...
Congratulations on the award...knew u had to win something it now u.

Anyways hurry up and recover and start spilling ALL the goss from Naija and your 13 days well spent.

Young Olive Trees said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR. So any reviews of the places you went to in Naij?

Anonymous said...

wow good to have you back. went to a few weddings in lagos my self and i have to say weddings are on another level in naija now. check out the wedding photos

Original said...

Me my own time has not passed. I'm going to rock to infinityyyy.

Aramide said...

Reviews coming soon...thanks anon for the pics and lol @ christine, pls keep on rocking jare

Naija Vixen said...

happy nu yr babe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Dad read your blog, are you going to get any comments from him. It's 2007, oya better start blogging with more intent before they come and collect your award

Aramide said...

ehn ok shey ull come back sha hehe, ive reblogged