BibleStudy: Psalm 126 

The lay-man/woman's interpretation:

Part 1 (Verses 1-3)
- When God brought back His people (you and me) to Zion i.e. where they should have been all along! It was like a dream, we LAUGHED from the inside out (shouts of laughter), there was no room for any other expression in our mouths, just laughter. We (His people) sang for JOY. Others (naysayers and unbelievers) looked and marveled that God has done great things for them (you and I) and through that they bore witness to the glory and authenticity of God.

Part 2 (Verses 4-6)
- Do it again oh Lord. This time not as a dream but in reality, restore my (our) good fortune to me (us). [Restore me to whom I was designed to be]
Like water emerging in a desert
Like spending my few pennies while crying but returning with wads and wads while laughing 
Really like a dream but it can happen if I trust God.

Trusting God is like trusting Google to never delete my documents in the cloud. Why? Because I know Google, I use at least one of its resources everyday.  Using at least one of God's resources (the bible) everyday would mean you and I would be so used to Him, we would know Him more and trust Him.

Knowing God cannot happen overnight, in two weeks or in a month. It is a CONSTANT walk, continual, gradual, daily, progressive.

Restoration comes when you accept Jesus and it is fully manifested when you follow Him.

The more I know God, the more I will be restored to whom I was meant to be. There is no formula.

Trust --> Restoration --> Joy

God bless!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Welcome back.

Mr Man said...

Welcome back and thanks!

"The more I know God, the more I will be restored to whom I was meant to be. There is no formula."

very very well said!!