Burdens & Breaking Through With A Statement

Bible study: Exodus 12:32

Also take your flocks and your herds, as you have said, and be gone; and bless me also.”

Remember the ten plagues of Egypt? Well, the verse above is the conversation which took place between Pharoah and Moses when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt and after what some might call the very last straw - the death of all the Egyptian firstborns (animals included!)

Now imagine a burden you have had for some time [slavery in Egypt] and the enemy [Pharoah] has refused to let you have your breakthrough [leaving Egypt]

Let's break up this verse in our own interpretation, the enemy after experiencing God's wrath is saying:

"Also take/do what you want, I agree to ALL your terms (including the ones I said no to before) and I release you to the other side but also pray for me [pray for spiritual enemies]"

The enemy is so uncomfortable that he demands you to have the breakthrough almost as though he/it is now praying for you. What a turn of events! You are no longer begging or yearning to crossover, you are now commanded to. 

What this means to me is that God's word will indeed stand albeit in His time and through His method (His ways are not our ways).

I always wondered why He couldn't just release the Israelites on Day 1, did he really need to kill half a nation to do this? However God being God needed to show the magnitude of His glory to the Egyptians [unbelievers] and even to the Israelites [other believers waiting on Him for a similar burden]. 

God wants you and me to breakthrough but many times, when we experience delay in a particular thing, it is really to show His glory. It means He needs to make a bold statement with that testimony unless He is not God.

And then finally, the thing you thought had enslaved you, now becomes your own slave (asking you to bless/pray for it). That is God!

So hand your burdens over to Him and live joyfully today for soon your breakthrough will surely come, in a grandiose way!

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