Single Ladies Parody!!

My Goodness! This the funniest thing I've looked at in a long time!! The caption also says: SINGLE LADIES PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING DUE TO COMPLICATIONS STEMMING FROM MAN MEAT AND TUBE SOCKS FALLING OUT OF A LEOTARD.

One word from me - CRIKEY!!!

Single Lady with Bad Credit?

This is for everyone really....Tope has been nice enough to give us some insight. If you happen to have bad credit there is a prepaid master card that offers you the ability to build your credit rating. All you have to do is top it up from time to time and each purchase will be registered with EXPERIAN the credit check company, thus building your points and making you more eligible to borrow in the future. Visit My Cash Plus

Single Ladies Trying To Sell?

For the Entrepreneurs and Saleswomen and men out there with the season to be jolly fast approaching, you can still get customers to BUY during the holiday season..........even with the credit crunch blues. gives us
5 Good Tips For Ringing Sales in The Holiday Season

Have a Lovely Weekend Girls n' Guys. Mona is Back with a vibe and is very pleased :o)


Congratulations Bella Naija has gracefully covered the front of TLWA Magazine. Grab your copy :) :) :)


Yessie said...

funny vid

Anonymous said...

mona is back!!