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Happy Easter in Arrears people. One of the things I'm focusing on in this post is our Naija versions of facebook.

I don't know if any of you remember the
post I had on Naija5? As the name states, it is Nigeria's version of Hi5 - or, well, supposed to be.

As I pondered over this url for a minute, I thought whether they had an actual version of facebook i.e. Nigbook. I typed the url very slowly into my address bar - hoping, praying that this was not the case. I almost jumped for joy when I got this back -
Nigbook result.

Sheesh must there be Nig everything? Nigbay (as in Ebay), Nig this, Nig that....

Anyway back to the social networking sites, I have recently discovered the following:

Central Station NG - Celtel's own version of facebook (dont ask!) but like every other money making sensible business, they've added a few extras like downloading music and ringtones, winning free tickets, etc. - Another meeting place for Nigerians (looks more like a shopping/dating/forum site) is expanding fast and was started by a young entrepreneur.

naNaija - An interesting one, I think its brand new, worth checking out.

Speaking of Facebook, a major vulnerability in the Facebook web security caused pictures of Paris Hilton to be leaked as well as private pictures posted by Mark Zuckerberg (Fbk creater) - more on the story here.

URLs for your perusal:

More Naija stuff - What's On?

Dragon's Den Nigeria

Click on the image to visit the site.

Burma Boy Book Reading Tour

Click image below to see details and info of tour:

Apprentice Africa

Click on the image to visit the site.

Naija - What's Been On?

Leila Fowler Lagos Store Opens

The store opened yesterday and will consist of concessions from Peridot & Ruby, GLAM Indian Virgin Remi, Frenzii, Sweetface and Kimora Lee Simmons collection.

Check out the Leila Fowler website

Nayo's Album Release

The album was released in the UK on the 10th of March and can be ordered on the following websites:


HMV ->;-1;-1;-1&sku=776187





The V- Monologues

Directed by Wole Oguntokun aka laspapi (fellow blogger), the V-monologues was held in and around Lagos and Abuja. Featuring the very best of actresses and Funmi Iyanda, Check out a review on it here.

Speaking of actresses, I found this Essence Magazine article on our favourite Black Hollywood actresses - check it out

Naija - What's To Come

MBGN - coming soon...

More this space


Anonymous said...

I am the MBGN

Anonymous said...

lol sure u are

Anonymous said...

I think the naija networking sites are a good idea. Although, there should be only one good one, instead of so many sites. As it is, I can hardly keep up with facebook.

Good looking out, Ramsey!

Anonymous said...

mona mona how do u find all this stuff?

Anonymous said...

you missed out the "only good one"

Unbiased said...

Mona have i ever said i love you?
Any naija gist sha i just know where to come to. Your info network based is large and well respected babes. lol!!

Aramide said...

thanks guys - keep em coming and so will i :o)

Anonymous said...

This is some New Hot Niaja Music..thought u guys might like it...

For the love of me said...

talking bout videos i saw the making of slams video yesterday, men be like say that boy don come back fully, the video looked really good and different from all that girls and guys in the club shaking their body, it really looked like a making of a video, please does any body have an idea on when slams album is coming out

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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