First videobyte is for the song "Love Him Like I Do" a Gospel tune featuring Deitrick Haddon, Ruben Studdard, and Mary Mary.

Verdict = Nice song, okay.

Next is an american commercial for Trigon Blue Cross Shield (insurance) with two kids.

Verdict = cute, funny.

Third videobyte is the remix of Asa's Bi Ban'ke by Outta Town Entertainment.

Verdict = The video is not a real music video, it's more of shots of them recording in the studio which I am not keen on these days so I've added another Asa [Asha] video for her song titled "Fire on the Mountain". She's so talented.

More on Asa here and also check out her myspace


Naija Vixen said...

Asa is a breath of fresh hair...even my old folks love her music now. Good one babes xx

Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate personal opinion, I din't understand what your judgement of a 'rel' video is! Outta Town are an up and coming group with fantastic material, and a low budget video which samples Asa's triple award winning song is fantastic! Nigeria's fist ever sped up sample of another Nigerian artiste's song.. this vid is reminiscent of 'through the wire'.. Pls celebrate don't write -vly! Asa is an angel! one love! Outta Town fan!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mona, been a while we visited. See you are still doing lovely things here on your blog. So how come you have not visited us in such a long time? We no longer important (we crying here lol).

Anyway we hope you are having a lovely Easter.

Suby & Sinem

Aramide said...

@ anon, i dont like studio vids plain n simple. Even big celebs do it and I dont like them either. So it is not a dig at Outta Town Entertainment, as you can see i've promoted them twice on my blog. Studio vids are not my forte, maybe they are for you

Happy Easter :)

Anonymous said...

preach it moan lol

Anonymous said...

ahh ok fair enough

Anonymous said...

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