Crystal Eyez, Ash Thomas, Dangote, etc.

The weekend is finally here and I am really looking forward to it. Here are a few things to check out in your spare time this weekend.

Crystal-Eyez Makeup Artistry

Crystal-Eyez Makeup Artistry is your mobile makeup company whose aim is to reveal your flawlessness. Crystal-Eyez offers professional makeup services for all your events including weddings, proms, graduations, bat mitzvahs, birthdays and other special occasions. Crystal-Eyez also offers professional makeup services for photography such as beauty, commercial, life style, or fashion photo shoots or shows, as well as all media including film, TV and print.

Crystal-Eyez is based in Chicago, IL but will be willing to travel on assignments.

Crystal-Eyez has its prices listed on the website. The website also has monthly tips for you to make yourself look flawless at home without hurting your wallet. Also check out the website to view the crystal-eyez' gallery.

You have to look flawless on your special day, so let Crystal-Eyez reveal your flawlessness.

For appointments and enquiries check out or email

Ash Thomas

Ash Thomas records is a unique group which produces records from genres such as Afro Beat, Hip Hop, Jazz and RnB.

It consists of 5 members: Shaft, Tafero, KEX, OC & Aziz.

Watch Tafero in the video below:

Meanwhile, check out for all your Naija entertainment info!

News Bulletin: A Nigerian finally makes the 2008 Forbe's billionaire's list - Aliko Dangote at No. 334.

Nigeria's first billionaire hit the jackpot when his sugar-production company listed on the Nigerian stock exchange last year. Meanwhile, proposed initial public offerings of his flour and cement companies have stalled. Began career as trader at 21 with loan from his uncle; built his Dangote Group into conglomerate with interests in sugar, flour milling, salt processing, cement manufacturing, textiles, real estate, haulage and oil and gas. Closely linked to Nigeria's former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Mobil and UNDP Job Vacancies

A. Mobil oil Nigeria PLc.(MON)
Job opportinities (Graduate/Experienced)
1.Engineering (Chemical/Civil/Mechanical)
4.Physical Sciences(Analytical or Industrial chemistry,Maths and Physics)

More details visit


Also visit

Youth Corper/Industrial Trainee opening at Nigerian Microfinance Bank

A recently licensed Microfinance Bank has openings for Industrial Trainees and/or youth corpers seeking to serve their 3-6 month IT period. Also, individuals who have completed their academic programmes but are yet to go for NYSC fall into this category.

If you fall within this category, please forward your cv OR the following details to the email address below NOT LATER THAN 1 WEEK from the date of theis publication:

Contact Address
Mobile Phone
Email Address
Academic Qualification
Previous Work Experience (if Any)
Industrial Attachment Letter from school (where applicable)




Anonymous said...

After all this post I must say that eye makeup should be in such a manner that suits and matches our skin type and colour. Its even good that theres an mobile eyez makeup company. Many can make use of it.

Anonymous said...

So how much are Exxon and the UN offering to pay me?

Uzo said...

Ash Thomas sounds good...Interesting

Anonymous said...

Eye makeup should be in such a way that suits and matches our skin type and colour. Its even good there's an mobile eye makeup company. Sounds inmteresting.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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