Videobyte: Obama - Yes We Can

I must confess I have not necessarily been following The U.S. Election especially as it was Super Tuesday yesterday (see link). Unlike my fellow friends and relatives, I just catch a glimpse of updates every now and then. I am backing Obama though and I really like this video - of course because there is a lot of celeb dropping (re: name dropping) - the likes of Tatyana Ali, Scarlett Johansson, Will.I.Am, John Legend, Common, Nicole Scherzinger, Tracee Ellis Ross etc. Go Obama! YES WE CAN! P.S. Why did Nick Cannon look like he didn't want to be there?

Super Tuesday is still going on for those who are not following and Hillary Clinton and John McCain won votes in California while Barack Obama leads with 13 states alongside McCain (in a tie).

Speaking of special days, fellow blogger Lil Mama sent me this flyer for an alternative First Fridays to attend rather than the so called "stiff" First Fridays event in Lagos. Lol.

If you are in Lagos still try and go for the event sha and see for yourself.

Anyway the flyer was just an ad as the Trini First Fridays Bash has now passed but I have a free Caribbean PROMO ONLY mixtape for you to download.


Iyaniwura said...

keep doing ur thing Mona...
not supporting anyone in the US presidential election..would be happy with someone who will do a good enough job..but if had to my money would be on clinton being the next president..

Mari said...

You seem to always have some free mixes for us. Gotta love freebies!!!Go Mona, mwah ;-X

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie

Loved that video... you were right :) yeah I guess they have to get the celebrities to endorse them because I'm sure that will influence a lot of people's votes... which is sad in a sense because people need to make their minds up themselves but hey! i'm happy with the vid hehe

Nice bloggie xx

real livin said...

Wasn't sure how to send this info over to you

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Tinu said...

i really really hope obama wins!! but i'm really torn, a white woman or a black man!! their policies are not that different!

Anonymous said...

wawaweewa new look!

Anonymous said...

i like the new look!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

Yessie said...

yep loving the layout :)

Unbiased said...

I am loving the pic at the top of your blog. Absolutely divine. lol!!!
(A celebration of what your blog stands for?)

Anonymous said...

yes Ms. Mona...

...Respect if to further assert that my commendations are well placed, u've switched up the style on your page with some mad chromatic effects...teew messy...the collage on the banner is well thought out and definitely encapsulates 'nuff of the multi-faceted reflections on Naij...good on you...

...What an interesting period in American politics (and by some weird connotations world politics as well) abi?...A female/black yankee president...cwazy times trusss mi!...regardless of who succeeds the “bush man” (x-ing my fingers 4 Obama tho'); it'll be a welcome change...'nuff accolades again (as usual) on your concerted efforts at supplying such niceties...keep doin' it cuz' u're doin' it well...


Mari said...

Awww Mona loving ure new look. Esp the thingy up there...cant think, know the name...ehhhhhh! Shoot! My brain is on a vacay at the moment

Anonymous said...

i really do like it - I can't really remember what it looked like anymore!!
Regarding the US elections - Anything is good as long as Bush is out.

Speak soon and keep it up x

Dimples said...

FAB love with it already....WEll done Miss Mona..keep up the good work and we your fans shall continue to support u.

Girlie said...

am loving the new layout mona!!!!!

xoliquoricexo said...

big fan of your blog and the new layout!

Anonymous said...

Mona my wifee!

Love the new site especially the NEPA scribble with the lightbulb... too cute.

Saw the shout out... lol.