Tuface and Armed Robbers Again and Other Showbiz

2Face and Armed Robbers Again

This time he was robbed and his Range Rover Sport thats not even 3 months old was taken from him. May God bless and protect him from all this. Amen

Read rest of the story here

Source: Bizzle

Anyway, he is doing fine and here is a videobyte with him and Beenie Man - Enjoy!

D'banj for Vals Day?


An unforgettable experience awaits you on every Virgin Nigeria flight. From in-flight services to entertainment and choice meals on board. Our services are crafted to touch you in the right spots. This Valentines, we are giving you the opportunity to choose the flight that you would want D'banj to operate as a cabin crew, and of course dressed in our cabin crew uniform if you are flying business class, you will not only get a copy of his latest CD but a huge goodie bag as well. Send a message to "Noble Igwe" on facebook. D'banj is already an ambassador for one of the Virgin Brands

Nigeria booted out of the Africa Nations Cup by Ghana 10

Very sad.....like someone said: To go down in the quarters is gutting, to go down in the quarters after scoring only 3 goals all tournament is quite irritating (only 2 from open play). To go down in the quarters to 10 men is humiliating to say the least.To go down to a 10 man Ghanaian team... nuf said.

Yep we we lost to Ghana yesterday with only 10 men playing in their own team. Let's hope we can redeem ourselves in future matches to come - but this was a big deal, a whole Nations Cup.

For those who don't know about 9ice, he is a fairly new artist with the new single Gongo Aso - listen to it on his myspace here and also check out his website.

If you want 9ice to perform in your city, click here

Final Videobyte

One of my favourite new Naija jams: Flex by Riz featuring Sauce Kid (enjoy)


Unknown said...

Mona this can't possibly be the video to this song o! Tune isn't bad though!

Anonymous said...


the tune aint bad tho

Anonymous said...

dbanj n his ladies - lol!

Anonymous said...

Armed robbers really want to send Tuface to Ghana. Eeyah... poor guy

Girlie said...

I LOVE THAT GONGO ASO SONG...its very very catchy...
dbanj for cabin crew anyone????yeah dint think so too....

eeya poor tuface..i hope he is not cursed or soemthing...,Nigerians sha,they dont like seeing other people succeed...

Ghana vs Nigeria.....NO COMMENT mehn....i would just rev up my blood pressure again..

Nice one yet again Mona


Dimples said...

Shame about 2face...perhaps I better invite him to my mumsie church...so they can pray fire prayer and deliver him from all forms of evil...

Ok and I take it the D'banj stuves is on local flights abi??

LOL...Mona oya who wrote the football article for u??...when did u start using footie lingo..."only 2 from open play"....LOL...
Super Eagles...no comment...no point wasting typing strength.

9ice is too mad o...from Ganja Man up to Gongo Aso...even all the so called posh peeps in naija blast it in the cars....Nice one...Sebi u know he is engaged to fellow blogger Toni Payne..:o)

You know I love the Flex song...i still don't think it's orginal but hey i'd jam it...so when is the porn like video coming out??

Nice one Miss Mona

Anonymous said...

mona that flex jam in bonz....they mixed in all those songs into it well well.....really feeling it...

tuface is moving to ghana finally....armed robbers have succeded in chasing him

mona u're on fire this yr oh...keep em coming


Anonymous said...

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