Youngins, Careers in Europe and NNPC Floating Station

LOL a very random title I agree.

I didn't realise the deadline for applying for the careers in Europe event is tomorrow! My apologies! It is being held in Brussels (13th - 14th Dec). Details below:


Brussels, 13-14 December 2007

If you want to boost your career and are looking for the best international jobs, apply now for this prestigious Event.

30 blue-chip companies represented by more than 200 recruiters will be recruiting for positions throughout Europe over the two-day event, consisting of pre-scheduled interviews, spontaneous interviews and company presentations. It provides a unique opportunity for you to meet with leading HR Directors and Senior Business Representatives from various organisations.

Application deadline: October 31st 2007
Apply online at:
Find more details attached and on our website

I had some videos I wanted to share a while back but didn't find time to. Look at what our younger yougins are up to!

A Very Young Kanye (lol)

This is a response to Kanye's - We Don't Care

A Younger Awilo (not really) lol

A Very Young Erykah Badu (with all the attitude you can get!)

A Cute Baby Tupac! LOL

A little Beyonce

LOLOL What do you guys think?

Anyway, back to always :o) I got this from a friend and decided to share with those who weren't aware LOL

Introducing - The NNPC Floating Filling Station Project

Before you ask any questions, click on the image below for a link to the website.

Happy Reading :o)


Anonymous said...

i think d kids r really cute and as for d floating filling station. hmmmmmmm is all i can say

Anonymous said...

How about giving us the Careers in Africa North America summit info! Some of us Yanks do read your blog as a personal favor to out besto Mona!

Anonymous said...

That Little Awilo is more like little James Brown with his fast feet lol.
Excuse my ignorance, but is the floating fuel station for boats or will people carry their 'jerrycans' there to buy fuel?

Uzo said...

The floating fuel station is designed to be in the niger delta regions primarily and will be accessible by boat. The idea is to offer cheaper petroleum products to those that dont have ready access. My sources say that the demand for kerosine is likely to make this product number 1 seeing as its going to be more for domestic use.

How r u?

Aramide said...

i'm fine uzo - thanks for that...lets see how it goes

Anonymous said...

Yay! You put my Li'l Beyonce!

Aramide said...

yyt pele i didnt have info on the careers in africa summit in yankers, i saw it somewhere once but didnt flat it - pelz

Unknown said...

Very nice Mona.. I finally managed to leave my first comment. The kids r exceptional