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It's already mid-week woohoo! Jumping straight into today's post.


AREA BOYS (The movie)

About The Film:

"LOVE, HATE, TRUST, RESENTMENT, UNITY, FAITHFULNESS, HUMILITY, SACRIFICE... WHAT IS THE TRUE VALUE OF FRIENDSHIP? Having grown up in a world where corruption and greed over-ride all else, life-long friends Bode and Obi decide to repent from their way of life when they encounter a near death experience following a botched scam. They cut their ties with megalomaniacal boss (Dele) and his domineering girlfriend (who has a soft spot for Bode) and form their own partnership with a view of leaving their corrupt world for good. Life as a 'good' citizen proves a difficult experience for the guys and they plan to do one more job, behind Dele's back, to raise the funds that would ease them into a lifestyle of Godliness. But their plans fall apart before it's began when against their better judgement, they work a scam on Dele's turf, the scam back-fires, and he finds out about it. The friends are then faced with a life or death situation as they search for an escape route whilst hiding from the clutches of Dele's henchmen. And as the sun fades on the bustling city of Lagos, Bode and Obi are put to test about the true value of their friendship with the ultimate question: How far would you go to save the life of your friend...? Set in the inner city of Lagos, AREA BOYS is a fast-paced coming of age drama about the loss of innocence, the advent of hope and the true value of friendship." ***Click here for link to the movie and trailer***

The area boys movie will be screening at:

1.Abuja International Film Fest
25-28th September 2007. (Date in the past)
Address: Yaradua Center, Abuja

2. 51st London Film Festival.
Mon 22 Oct 20:30, BFI SOUTHBANK NFT
2Belvedere Road, South Bank,

Thu 25 Oct 15:45
Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, SW2 1LG

4. NFVCB International Road show
18th Oct-20th Oct


Calling all Naija Girls in NY

Casting call Includes head shot and Interview to qualify for a Professional Photo shoot and feature in the calendar. Please come prepared to the casting call with basic personal statistics, height in feet, weight in pounds, Bust, Waist and hip, measurements dress and shoe size.

Info below:
* From - Friday, October 12, 2007 at 6:00pm
* To - Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 4:00am
* Location - Club Vesta NY, 390 8th Ave. New York City.
New York, NY
* Phone - 215.514.8500

EVENT - 5th Annual Intercollegiate African Extravaganza (currently being held)

Title: The GIANT of Africa
Time: Monday, October 1, 2007 at 11:00am
End Time: Sunday, October 7, 2007 at 2:00pm
Location: All over the campus of the University of HoustonCity/Town: Houston, TX
Contact Info: Phone: 832.771.1807

Description: Ladies and Gentlemen its time for the annual UHNSA weekend! Come join us for a week of creativity, sports, dancing and all around excitement!

Breakdown of Events:

Monday 10/1/07 11-1pm: Nigerian Independance Day Celebration (UC Arbor)
Tuesday 10/2/07 6:30-9pm: UHNSA Game Night (UC Games Room)
Wednesday 10/3/07 6-8pm: Dinner with UHNSA at Chilli's
------->FRIDAY 10/5/07:6-9pm The Beat of Africa Cultural ShowcaseVenue: UH Alumni Center
10-2am The Jump Off After-PartyVenue: D&J Hall
------>SATURDAY 10/6/07:8-2pm Sports CompetitionVenue: UH Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
5:30-9pm Celebration of Culture Intercollegiate BanquetVenue: UH Houston Room in the University Center
10-4am The After-PartyVenue: Crowne Reception Hall
------>SUNDAY 10/7/0711-2pm Farewell BrunchVenue: Fingerlicking Resturaunt

Other Events We missed out on last week


Wales, UK

Houston, Texas

Something Else We Missed

Summit in New York - 24th September: Nigeria Meets The World -
click to see website

It is now closed but you can still go to the website to view the delegates, topics and even access the online forum.

......and speaking of which.....(Naija and Yar'Adua), here is an interesting video titled - YOU KNOW, THAT SITUATION IN NIGERIA SEEMS PRETTY COMPLEX!

A lot of fake gist and shelling and blunders lol, they were just chatting.
Disclaimer: Nigeria's population is not 14 million get your facts right mister!......and our national language is not French - we wish


Shaywun said...

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by! I'll try to update as often as possible.

Uzo said...

Naija Gal calendar? Are you for real?

Anonymous said...

R u really winding me up about dat clip now? Dat had to be a spoof or something. Dis is even worse than d Miss South Carolina blunder.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. It's from the The onion makes up satirical news that is not meant to be taken seriously. LOL. That was funny

Bella Naija said...

LMAO! That video was soooo funny!
Great post girl

ababoypart2 said...

I hope to catch the area boys film when it comes out here in the UK. I hope it offers something different!

Aramide said...

hehe i know oh, its from the onion my bad - snazzy told me yesterday have a great day guys! xx

Andrew F. Alalade said...

14 million??? I laff in portuguese!
Anyway, first time on your blog...laffed at your voicemail intro. Good stuff!

Tutsy said...

That clip was first i thought it was real...forgive me, i could be a little slow it really had me on the floor...especially the wierd/sacarstic/confused looks on thier faces...too funny.

The movies area boyz look like its gonna be good. Too bad they don't have it coming out in the States 'cuz i would have seen it. Gather you are into Nollywood moives?? I'm a die hard fan...especially anything done by Tade Ogidan...although i'm yet to see the conclusion of his last movie "aya mi owon"...forgot to get the Part 2 while in Naija for Xmas last year..heard it was good sha...but anywho, i for the 411

Oh, and i am sorry for hugging your comment

unshined congo said...

hmmmm. dont let Yar'adua get u lol.. nice blog. really really interesting

Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel bir site.

Anonymous said...

Mona, since when did u start having turkish visitors on your blog?

laspapi said...

The 'area boys' movie sounds well-thought out, blurb and all. It should be good (I hope). I'll look out for it. Often, you can never find any info about the movies here. Just a cut-out piece of cardboard with many faces.

I brought the management of City Scape (the estate developers) to your blog a few months back. Remember you blogged about their business? Their CEO is an old friend. Well done, Mona. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mona~

Miss Opeke said...

It juz had to be a joke (Video)...Thanx 4 stopping u dey? Thanx for all the info shared...

NaijaBloke said...

Hey Mona thx for stopping by my blog. Am always coming to ur blog for updates o,most time I dont get to leave comments.

Anyway love ur blog sha and I will try and update as soon as possible.

Have a nice weekend

3RS said...

Were dose guys informed of the interview before the interview...hiss....bunch of ignorant pple....
btw....lov ur blog...

N said...

Thanks for posting the info for Area Boys. It looks like it will be good. I put their music on myspace on my myspace page. I have no hope of seeing it in Montreal but someone I know at some point will have the dvd and hopefully pass a copy to me.

Aramide said...

check out

Anonymous said...

I wud really like to watch that area bois' film it looks hella interesting.