Official Yahooze Video and S.A. news

All about South Africa this weekend

South Africa wins Rugby world cup final - read here

Lucky Dube murdered in Jo'burg on the 18th of October (in front of his kids....sad) - read here.

Click here for Lucky Dube music (R.I.P)

MIMI Magazine - a voice for African women

The not so new magazine with contributions from both South Africans and Nigerians.

Website -
Blog -

Check out the pic below - PAYING FOR FOOD IN ZIMBABWE (really sad, let us continue to pray for Zimbs as well as Nig)

HR Africa (2007) summit (**For HR directors and staff**) in Johannesburg from the 26th - 29th of November. Visit website for more info.

Introducing......Jerusha (S.A. artist)

Check out her Myspace -

Finally, the first African VJ on MTVBase Africa - South African Sizwe Dhlomo (click on picture to read about him)


Anonymous said...

Don't know how I feel about the Yahooze video. But I still like to song? What's your opinion on it Mona

Anonymous said...

Okay, I must have been typing while sleeping.

Let's try this again:

I don't know how I feel about the Yahooze video. But I still like the song. Mona, how do you feel about the video? said...

Yahooze song is da bomb diggity...the video is hawt!

Anonymous said...

I expected d video to be banging but it just left me in limbo. Upon how hyped and popular d song is, i'm kinda disappointed.

lol @ammee.

Anonymous said...

yes Mona..!!

Decent post as usual...!

...Being a bit of a "closet" Yahooze fan, I think the video does a good job of visually interpreting the lyrics...personally, I think the best parts are the scenes with the kids...CLASSIC!

The shameful tyranny of Mugabe's governance in Zimbabwe is a personification of a lot of Africa's ills...what a plonker!!

...R.I.P Lucky Dube...'Rasta never die'!!

...Keep doing it Mona, cuz you're doing it well...!!


Unknown said...

So the Yahoozee video is out finally? About time too! Otherwise someone else would have gone to make a video to that song. OK, lemme go watch and come back to comment.

Aramide said...


YAHOOZE! baby!

Unknown said...

Wienna, I'm on your side.
Mona, I hope you'll forgive me if I say I'm kinda disappointed. The video looks like "low budget" to me. It was much too anticipated. There should have been more people, more scenes and why was the car stationary? Also, there's no real "Yahoozee" dance in the video ...
I feel Olu could have done better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tayo, I wish they could have shown us more of the Yahooze dance

Anonymous said...

atl naija is way way better

Anonymous said...

I liked the Yahooze video... the video quality is half-bad, its pretty good for a Naija video.

The video actually looks like a Cash Money video to me. ;) Basic concept of a Cash Money video, few scenes, lots of cars (though not stationary), champagne bathing etc...
But the babes in the Yahooze vid need to step up their fashion game, I mean handkerchier hemline in '07.

Anonymous said...

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