Dancing has always been a standard hobby or fad or past time of Nigerians - call it whatever. After all, we set the Dance Record in the Guinness Book of Records for................................ (wait for it):


By the grace of God, we will enter for more things (serious things) soon - Amen.

But that is quite impressive - read more on Medal's Blog here.

I have an excerpt from the blog:

But they made it. Sweating and panting like a mad dog, the Zebra group eventually breasted the tape. They broke the world dance record and thus made history as the new titleholders of the Guinness Book of World Records. It all happened in the early hours of Nigeria’s 46th Independence at the Nokia Danceathon held at the Silverbird Studios in Lagos where a group of young Nigerians were crowned with a new dance party record of 53 hours 50 minutes that would go into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s longest dance party.The event began at 6.00pm on Friday, September 29, 2006. Before setting the new record at four minutes past midnight on Monday, October 2, the team, at exactly 10.14pm on Sunday night had erased former world record of 52 hours 3 minutes set by the Heart Health Hop of the United States at a contest that began on July 31, 2003.

Nigeria (Lagos/Abuja in particular), is becoming very acquainted with dance classes. The Society of Performing Arts ( for instance, gives details of dance techniques and dance classes such as:

**Ballet and Fitness Dance Class for kids ages 4-10**

**Lagos Loves Latin Dance and Africando Music**

This club is for beginners, intermediate and advance dancers and also people generally fascinated with the world of Latin dance especially in Nigeria.

Venue: Flamingo


Classes and Venue: Tuesdays & Saturdays - La casa, Ozumba Mbadiwe (between Caverton and the Civic centre) 7 pm - 10pm

Wednesdays/Fridays/Sundays - Flamingo, Kofo Abayomi street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Check out the website for details

Also got this from Kayode's blog - there is also a new Nigerian reality dance TV show (everyone's talking about it) - Spirit of David's Celebrity Takes 2. A bit like Strictly Come Dancing (U.K) and So You Think You Can Dance? (U.S.A)

This show is brought to us by the Spirit of David Dancing club (click for website and to read about them) and Skye Bank

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in Nigeria, celebrities will participate fully in a reality TV show.


Website for info:

Live shows are being recorded at Planet One, Maryland, Lagos. Tickets are available, call 234-808DANCING or 07028055553.

The show is also on the following TV stations in Nigeria: Africa Magic (Mnet), Ben TV (UK & Europe), NTA, Silverbird TV and the Internet

Don't miss it guys!

For African Dance Workout videos, visit

DVDs and tapes available to buy on Amazon and on the website.

So, happy dancing - will be back with some hollywood celebrity gist :o)


Mari said...

Very interesting indeed. The ballet for kids is such a cute idea.

Admin UD said...

...and i say RAWK ON long thing :)

Jotees Trendz said...

wow! nice info...loving it...didn't know we naija peeps could add some spice like this...

Afrobabe said...

the celebrity reality show should be a blast with the asorted talent they have brought in.

Unknown said...

9ja and copy cat ehn

It's all good

Aramide said...

pls justify ur comment thanks.

Anonymous said...

so we av latin dance classes now - hmmmmmmm i going to go and see wt its abt this weekend

what is this girl on about, calling herself a lady in disguise and preachin bt hatin on other blogs

Sum1 tell her media is media - guardian and vanguard hav the same news gel

ride on jare

Unknown said...

@ MOna

haba sistah take it easy o
I was only talking about the info you gave us
THE dance thingy
reminded me of the program " Dancing with the STars"

I'm saying we have copied everything in america
like American Idol for example...


Aramide said...

oh my bad hehe

well yup copying yankee n the rest lol :-/

Kay said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for blogging about Celebrity Takes 2. If you've got any comment on the reality show, pls forward to me.It's gone on the following TV stations (BEN TV UK, NTA, Silverbird and Africa Magic - Mnet). Before the elimination rounds starts Nigerians in diaspora will also be able to watch the show online!
Thanks again Mona and keep up the good work of promoting our motherland


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