Hot Out The Oven!

Just released yesterday - the new Common video featuring beautiful people - Kerry Washington, Alicia Keys, Kanye West and Serena Williams. The video for the song titled 'I Want You' was directed by Kerry Washington (who is rumoured to be Common's new chic). Check it out:

Here are some pictures from the video shoot:

I have the song here for you to grab!

Not sure if everyone has heard about Emirates' new First Class Suites on their Boeing 777-300ER's and 777-200LR's? It was highlighted as blogworthy by Naijanaz.

Forget the perks oh:

  • Fine leather and walnut with electric doors
  • 23 inch widescreen with the ice system
  • 1000+ channels of on-demand entertainment
  • In-seat laptop with email
  • Phone
  • Wireless remote control to control all functions in the suite
  • 78" fully flat bed with mattress and duvet

Another press release says:

These luxury suites also feature a dining table, built-in vanity table with mirror and overnight amenity kit. Extra luxuries include woollen blankets, hot towels, roomy wardrobes and even a special Do Not Disturb system.

The slogan says - Relax, you've arrived! Hmm I hope the passengers can choose when they want to get off the plane (i.e. in 3 weeks time or...)

Read more about it at the Nigerian Tribune

Proudly Nigerian:

Home made helicopters are born as a Kano University physics undergraduate (age - 24) takes old cars and motorbikes and builds his own helicopters - read more here


Anonymous said...

Nah wah ooh mona, ur on fire dis wk. Keep it coming. Def keeping me entertained, shame i cant watch d videos as i dnt have a proper pc.

B x

Anonymous said...

yes Mona,

Trust mi, your blog makes for a decent read each and EVERY time. Funny you profiled the story on the Naij undergrad, the same piece was showcased on Pharell's blog

...American's at their usual ignorant heights, took 'nuff shots at my man's ingenuity. I think it's highly commendable that this bright young man has been able to be extremely resourceful in such depravity.

Keep up the good work...!!



I am so proud of Murtala's ability to create such a complex vehicle from meager parts. Unfortunately, public and private enterprise in Nija is yet to snatch up this man's skills.

I must publish my post that I wrote about this story as a positive (and sort of negative) about the Nigerian experience.

Anonymous said...

Damn... that guy is a born aeronautical engineer. Boeing or Airbus need to pick him up fast!

Mari said...

Isn't Kerry Washington dating/married to some white guy? Are we talking about the same KW? I was hoping for Alicia Keys to hook up with him. They'd be a fly couple.

Wow @ the Emirates'1st class lounge. Wonder how much a 1st class tix cost?

Mari said...

Pharell has a blog???? Thanks Consciousness, now I can't help but stalk him and send him love comments.

Aramide said...

haha yes o mari i went to read that post

i guess its good to see pharell reads abt naija stuff too i can see why ppl wdnt want to get in it, he did give props to the guy

but do u know how many times airplanes wd have been tested b4 we cd fly in them - im a QA analyst so i would know! LOL anyways lets give murtala props......its them nasa that shd scoop him jo - spaceships all the so proud....ppl are just designed in some special way (God is great - making a helicopter out of another automobile...

they may both be automobiles but still

hmmm mari - billionaire babes club

Shaywun said...

Mari took the words right out of my mouth - wondering how much the ticket would cost to fly on that plane. That is some serious lounging! I'm not even a Common fan like that but I guess that video was very interesting to an extent. Need to go catch up with the other stuff you have on here!!!

Mari said...

Mona, thank you jare- billionaire babes club! Pharell needs to recognize one of his own i.e. me.

"im a QA analyst so i would know..." poser, lol

Miss Opeke said...

Mona: Plz Plz Plz can I get a Proudly Naija logo on blog...

Anonymous said...

I heard kerry washington don't brothers and guys in general..

Aramide said...

miss opeke, do u mean u want me to send u one for ur blog?

Anonymous said...

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