Only In My Country!

Tee hee - click to Enlarge, first pic courtesy of Laspapi.

Secondly, my friend was gisting me how they almost got robbed in a club in lagos LOLOL. They were about to go upstairs at club Xtreme when everyone started running towards them, they got pushed into the womens bathroom. He was in a stall with like 8 people and the lights were off, there was a tapping on the window that had people freaking out and then they started hearing people talking.................. and then they went out and started clubbing again lol! Only in my country! Hehehe.

Next off, please vote my favourite DJ of the moment, DJ Dee Money. He is a nominee for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards - believe me this guy is off the chain!

He has a playlist you can download -

Visit his website ( and his myspace (

P.s. All rights reserved for the above pic. I took it!



Anonymous said...

Hey Aramide,

Thanks so much for helping in the campaign for me to win the DJ of the Year Award at NEA 07. I will definitely give you a shout out while receiving the award.

One love babe

DJ Dee Money

Dimples said...

Dj Dee MOney i will let u have pole postion oh...cos u are some sort of celebrity...god luck with the awards sha!!!
Lol @ the DEATH AND DUMP man..only in Naija.
Ok someone needs to hook me up with Dr
Maybe he will help me find my lost lover..and make his "pennis" strong.

Vomiting all the in really couldn't I have eaten something throwing up is now all spiritual.
"Removing misunderstanding with anybody"..does that mean the person will just miss??
Casino Specialist?? in Ocean 14 guys aint got nothing on Dr Juma.
Wow I give up...and u can guarantee that this dude will have customers sha!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaahaha...sooo funny , imagine being cramped in the smelly toilet with random people.LOL.typical nigerians,they didnt even wait for the popo.

laspapi said...

The best of luck to the DJ.

Dr Juma? I had to save the picture. He seems to have a cure for everything apart from his own inabilty to purchase a proper billboard.

Mona, welcome back o.

laspapi said...

hehe @ mona reserving the rights to the DJ's pic. Next time, get closer to the object in issue so we can see the passion on his face for his work. Nice wall behind though, and is that a head rising out of his control unit?

Couldn't resist teasing you, mona.

Aramide said...

hahah very funny laspaps - wasnt my head anyway, as u can see, shes a wh*tey - oops political incorrectness on here! dont shoot me

Aramide said...

apparently the club getting robbed, happens in israel and happened in london in the 80's - right

Naija Vixen said...

Mona! Mona! Mona!!! Dont worry,dont be scared,just happy you are updating regularly now!!! Dj Dee Money is really an interview he gave...seems interesting too...nice one!

Anonymous said...

He is def the best! The pic Mona has up is of him DJ-ing at my wedding. Ofcourse everyone enjoyed the music. And he won the award last yr. Go Dee Money!!! My hommie!(inside joke).

Lola said...

i'm a bit late but I just wanted to comment on your club extreme story. i'm sooooo not surprised. the last and final time i went to xtreme we were all dancing (though i noticed some riff raffs there) and then these guys started to fight and one of the guys that was fighting actually took out a gun. no shots happened that night but i know that scene ALL too well. from that day i was like....nope, never happen!

Anonymous said...

Dee Money is the ish! He held Bisi & ofon's wedding down! I literally danced from the beginning to the end!