The Ever-Efficient Blogger

That's ME! I am still yet to explain why I was away for such a long time (and let me not hear anyone say gee Mona get over it we're used to you now), it's as a result of my QLC which I will talk about soon. As Suzy Peaches is missing in action, I am gleefully taking her place.

A book called Naija bloggers Vol 1. is coming out in the near future, see Laspapi's post for more details.

BBC and Naija Bloggers

There has also been an article on the BBC on Nigerian Bloggers. Chicafricana mentions it in her most recent post and I believe this article was written by Nkem, another blogger.

No Spraying of Naira

I have also just got word that a new bill is being passed to jail Naija sprayers as this is abuse of the country's currency. Wait, okay? My friend said in her email - They Want To Kill Yoruba People! Got that right. Read about it in today's Daily Trust.

Petitions and other random stuff

  • Check out Stella Damasus Aboderin's blog here.
  • Pictures and details of the 2007 London African Music Festival which ended yesterday here.
  • Watch out for my best-selling post titled "The Ring", coming soon ;o)


remi said...

Seriously, that means guys have to leave Naija to spray money...they will just notice all the weddings/parties are happening in Togo & Ghana.

Dimples said...

Oh BBC and Naija Bloggers...oh Olawunimi,Omodudu,Chxta...ya'll famous now guys!!!

As for the spraying whahala...**hiss** *hiss*

Abegi jare Paris Hilton should go and chop jail small even if it's for 1 week...that babe needs some sense knocked into her head
Don't smoke Shisha so no be 4 my head oh.

Nice to see good old consistent Mona!!!

Anonymous said...

almost made it as the 1st....can u imagine after i don try finish remzyj beat me....

Nice to see we're getting coverage by BBC...excellent..

As for d spraying thing, they're not serious...some of us have planned what to spend the money on from our next bash ;) and they want to spoil our flex...pls hol ur own ooh

B xx

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Hehehehe@bestselling post, i'll be on the lookout. Have a lovely lovely weekend. Thanks for dropping by, i added a few more:D

snazzy said...

this is a token comment to salute the appearance of the ever efficient blogger, may she live up to her name. :)

Biodun said...

They really want to kill yoruba folks o, no spraying ke, isshh Cant wait to read the next post! Saw ur pics @ ur friend's wedding n u looked good girl!

TMinx said...

Maybe they should say spray money only in sanitized areas where there is no mud on the ground...The Niara is really feeling abused though. I guess the N20 is okay though.

Anonymous said...

that N20 note is still a mystery to the plastic bit supposed to make it difficult for them to fake it?

meanwhile Mona, I hope you intend to be in the naija bloggers book.LOL. when i opened the BBC link i first scaned through to see if i'l find ur name there.anyway girlie keep up the good work .

Anonymous said...

No spraying naij currency???? Gosh thats effed o!! on the up side at least ill be sprayed in hard currency!! tehe!

Anonymous said...

Only Nigerians can decide that something that has become our culture over the last 40+ years is disrespectful to our currency and therefore our country (WTF). Spraying is done in celebration - some other cultures have pinned money to brides for 50 yrs without any bans. STOP THE BAN (as b said - i have a few events coming up this year and have planned how to spend my sprayed money)

Anonymous said...

I'm late on this one but they can't stop spraying. They have to at least wait till I get married and I collect my spraying of N10M, then they can stop it. That is totally killing the Yorubab culture, for real!

Anonymous said...

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