As I Make My Comeback ( style)

......Obviously this has to be a grand entrance. I have been away for so long I don't remember how to blog hehehe, yeah,I'm back!! (like Black J*sus). I can only think of starting off with some humour so here goes:

First Divorce after 9/11

Apologies if this comes across as offensive to anyone. Click to enlarge if you cannot read the article.

What On Earth is a Danfo doing in London?

You will need to watch the video for about 40 seconds to really see this janded Naija Danfo LOL

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I have three interesting videos today:

(i) The first is Iyawo by Kas - click on the pic to watch it -
(janded guys are doing big things).

(ii) Next is Nigerian Anthem by B.O.B (a very catchy tune)

(iii) Third is Amy Winehouse singing Valerie live LOL they may call her an alcoholic but the girl can sing!

More tomorrow xxx


snazzy said...

i am only mentioning i am first cos it matters to other people. and I am trying to oppress them. Anyway interesting i'm back post. the 9/11 story is one of my favorite stories of all time. classic. Danfo what! I wonder if the bus drove in the jerking motion that is ingrained in you the second u get behind a danfo wheel.

PS. Isn't this a more enlightning comment than "i missed sha!" ;)

Iyaniwura said...

9/11 - talk about 'no way out'..

Danfo in ldn?? i really don't know what to say..

love the nigerian anthem... especaiily as it reminded me of some of the states i had

Amy Winehouse is on point.. i am a definite fan..

E ka

Aramide said...

lol snaz ure silly....

gold mine - e se gan-an

mochafella said...

All that danfo needs is a conductor yelling "Osooodi ree"

Dimples said...

Damn i 4got to check the videos @ home last I can't view it at work

LOL sorry oh!! on the 9/11 divorce..poor dude...that can really be a Naija guy sha.

That KAS dude men I don't know too much about him..he just blows hot and cold...Ben Tv doesn't stop playing him..his 1st song...wearing all white wasn't too bad sha.

Infact perhaps I don't mind featuring on Mtv oh.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Danfo....i doubt if any Nigerians would call for a danfo when they can get a minicab or a minibus lol ko le to yen

TMinx said...

Welcome back madam Mona.....Danfo in London? Hilarious

Aramide said...

thanks tminx :o)

laspapi said...

wb, mona

Smoothvibes said...

I totally love the Amy Winehouse clip. Thaks for posting:)

Anonymous said...

buahaaaaaahaa...omo na mental case. Those boys were following d danfo driver at one point o.

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