Fortunate February

.......Couldn't think of a title. Perhaps you guys need to help me out with titles. Anyway happy February and hope it brings you some fortune! :o) So you all are looking for me eh?! Calm down, calm down keep your knickers on! LOL I am around, was just busy compiling my post for the week.

As from next week, I will feature a guest writer - Suzy Peaches - on my blog and she will take over my blog on Thursdays, weekly. So look forward to that.

Now, for some February Funnies:

  • Someone sent this to me -- The next time you are flying and someone keeps bothering you in the next seat just pull out your laptop and go to this website (making sure they see it)......This will keep them quiet for some time!!! HILARIOUS

  • There should never be a reason to be bored online with websites like very funny stuff on there. P.S. the news is NOT authentic.

  • I Wonder If I Take You Home by Lisa Lisa - I found the video on YouTube, I was sooo happy. If you don't know this song, no comment! See video below:

Also, Introducing...... Naij - A Documentary: It is a forthcoming film which shows us the transition of Nigeria from a British Colony to an Oil State by highlighting the key events that shaped that journey. The story is constructed using a combination of archive footage, reconstructions / animations, interviews, voiceovers and new original material.

See the trailer here

The film will be premiered in London in early 2007 to an invited audience. Looks like it will be very moving. If you would like an invitation or further information, please email

  • There is a story on the world's oldest woman here. We women certainly live longer than men, probably because we talk too damn much! Heheheh, that's good though. Speaking of which, please watch this space for my next post titled -- 'Ridiculous Things We Do' -- It details some of the most ridiculous things we ladies have done for the opposite sex and gives a few case studies. It should be a laugh!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging anniversary cuz!!!
I bet you had even forgotten but you have been blogging for a year now. I have enjoyed reading “Naija to the Core” so keep up the good work – can’t wait for the most ridiculous... post :o). Looking forward to our fun packed weekend x

Anonymous said...

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam - Now that is my type of music...

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I'm going to listen to that for the rest of my day

Anonymous said...

I watched the trailer of the Movie, very impressed with what I see. We need to start giving out more positive vibes about Nigeria :)


Aramide said...

Soul Bro, are you who I think you are??

Aba Boy welcome back!!

Dami - cheers babes! We'll be a year old on the 28th, expecting many more years to come!! (longer than I can say for other things hehehe - such cheek), party on child! (razz)

Suby - yes man, positive vibes.....that is what this blog is aiming at :o)

Dimples said... wa sef...maybe is beg we will have to be begging u before u blog..
Anyways nice to have u back...hmm good old February is finally here o..lovers enjoying and we single peeps looking on…anyways it’s all good.
Yeah that website was hilarious…I’m defiantly looking to use it…but being black and all that…I’d probably find my self in Paddington Green Station- N.B For u non-Janded people-High-profile terrorist suspects arrested across the UK are often taken to Paddington Green for interrogation.

Men that tune…is a correct classic o…I remember that way back in the eighties…lol

Looking forward to reading what Suzy Peaches has to say and the 'Ridiculous Things We Do' article.

Aramide said...

@ Dimples - u know u love me, u want to kiss me, hehehe :P

Someone should please lock Pink Panther away - she honestly shouldn't be allowed out :P

snazzy said...

How much do you want to bet that the things you consider ridiculous, us guys would consider just normal? So u should retitle ur post, "the things girls should do for guys."

Is this Suzy Peaches a real person or are you going schizo again? I don't remember the last time being any fun

And another thing, why are you showcasing a song that promotes abstinence or at least thinking in girls? Stop it o!

Lastly, the original version of this was actually funnier (hard to believe I know) but blogger ate it.

Bella Naija said...

lolz...that song brings back m-e-m-o-r-i-e-s!
Anyways, lookin forward to Suzy Peaches posts and that documentary looks like it might be on point!

Azuka said...

Well, we guys do crazy things too. I can't wait to see the 'crazy' things you've done we would consider normal ;-).

Wale said...

man...i can't view youtube here at work. will surely check it out when i get home.

thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

have to wait til I get home b4 I can listen to the song.

I sure am looking forward to your next post. Sounds like its gonna be very funny and interesting.

Anonymous said...

offcourse it's me, like it wasn't you that gave me that name :)

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ the link. I was even scared when I saw the website! That will be risky oh, how will you explain yourself? LOL!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ the link. I was even scared when I saw the website! That will be risky oh, how will you explain yourself? LOL!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

omg lisa lisa!! i loved that that link safe to open at work???

laspapi said...

"lizard lizard" as the not so cool boys in my neighbourhood called her. The members of "Full Force" did their version of the song too. Its a great song.

Maybe you can find "I saw you and him standing in the rain" (was that the title?)

In my head and around me said...

This post was absolutely fab. I particularly loved the link to that 00:00:00 site. I will be using that one even if it's not on a plane.

Jennifer A. said...

Lolll...I had a good laugh at pulling ur lap-top out on the plane when anyone decides to BLAB...kai, Mona...where did u get that from???

Jennifer A. said...

Lollllll @ the lisa lisa video...u know what? I better stop laughing b4 I explode...LOLLLL...amazing...I can't describe one funny dance one of the men was doing, its too hilarious!

Biodun said...

Cant wait to read ur next post! Thanks for the info will check the links out!