TGIF (2)

...............My first TGIF this year (thank God), and a few bits and bobs for y'all:

Hephzibah are having a costume party tomorrow at Terra Kulture, visit CoolDigest for more details.

Ticket: N1000 (Single) N1500 (Couple)
Date: 13th Jan. 2007
Time: 4:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Terra Kulture, Tamiu Salvage Street, Victoria Island

There is book reading Today according to Uzo. Details are:
Venue: Bookworm Ltd. Unit 6 & 7 Eko Hotel Shopping Complex, Ajose Adeogun Street, VI
Time: From 5pm

Heard about the new I-Phone from Apple? This is said to be the most revolutionary piece of technology this quarter but let's see sha. There is a lot of competition between all these companies now - like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch (see below)

It's all good sha, they can keep the technology coming! I ain't buying until you know when!! And you know WHY (read my iFrustration post).

Got this from Naijavixen - Preview of Tuface's For Instance - a mad song! (Coming soon) - watch the clip:

Don't forget to check out Bella's weekend edition for stuff and new videos at Naijavixen's such as Weird MC's new song and Tony Tetuila ft. VIP!!



Noni Moss said...

Do people actually make the effort to do the costumes in Nigeria? would be quite cool.

Have a nice weekend!

snazzy said...

that could be fun, cos girls think sexy ... is a costume and I'm a big fan of such. But the fuel scarcity means that is soo way down on my list. Damn those marketers!!!

Anonymous said...

i know right but wat would nigerian guys wear really?

Bella Naija said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I would luv to see the pics from the costume party! I have been to a costume party in naij was called 'doctors and nurses'..LOL.

laspapi said...

you've got info I had no idea about, mona.

Aramide said...

@ Bella lol doctors and nurses abi hehe...there is nothing funny abt that but it sounds funny to me dunno why lol mayb just imagining it in Naij

Biodun said...

The 2face sound is actually not that bad, I like it now, thanks for the video tip.
About the ipod, dont know if I love it quite yet, maybe once I hold one physically, I will fall in love, lol. Hope u had a nice weekend!

laspapi said...

I could have sworn I left a comment on your cousin's poetry blog, mona, but went there a 2nd time and couldnt call up/see what I wrote.
She hasn't updated since June, though, is she through with blogging?

Aramide said...

dont mind her she'll be back soon :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mona, hope you had a lovely Christmas.

As usual your page enlightens me about everything Nigeria, checked out the movie trailer for the movie Irapada and have to say was rather impressed, not only could you see the faces of the actors, you could actually hear what they where saying :) LOL

Not watched a Nigerian movie in years, think I will look out for this one when it comes out.

Any keep blogging and hope you have a good week.


Aramide said...

Thanks Suby - Nigerian movies are really coming up now oh...good quality, good story lines not wasting our time anymore etc...will keep u updated soon