Missing Home Yet?

.............The holiday has been long over so if you're getting home-sick or well....Naija-sick, I found a few things online to keep you engaged over the weekend (and so you don't miss home too much :o) - ain't Mona so sweet?)

Good idea from Naijavixen, watch Little Ms. Jocelyn (supposed Nigerian personality in England) she is hilarious. For a list of her videos on YouTube
click here and watch one of them below:

Nigeria International is a NEW!! TV Show for Nigerians all over the world, nice documentaries and a lot of informative stuff. If you miss NTA, this should help! Here is the link for the list of all the past episodes. I am featuring one here:

Click on the picture above to watch the video. It's of the "Phat Girlz" Premiere and the Premiere of "30 Days" with Genevieve, etc. I really like the shows sha - their site is www.nigeriainternational.com

Out of the blue, but I saw this link on Naijanaz's blog and decided to visit, some forum about some girl saying 'Pre-marital sex is not fornication'. She sure did get a hell of a tongue-bashing! Nigerians! hehe - people quoting passages here and there, rebuking her, praying for her, insulting her, etc. The comments are hilarious, a lot of em make sense though but like Naijanaz said, perhaps she was looking at it from the logical point of view - lol poor girl.

Some News:

:o) Have a good weekend! xxxx


snazzy said...

how do the comments make sense when they do not address the central argument? Eh Mona?

Anyway they can't stretch King's neck fast enough for me, though he is now claiming that the court did not have the authority to sentence him.

More power to the Enugu Airport movement, but they are definitely exagerating the lack of flights to the South East. There are a bunch of flights to Owerri.

Anonymous said...

That Reverend King is just the most horrible person I ever read about... what a disgusting human being... I feel sorry for him... what about his followers... they're so silly!

lmao.. now you have me addicted on this jocelyn lady.. she's so funny oh my gosh!!... naija dey dance reach like that?! lol.. that's just sick!

Naija Vixen said...

lol, 4ny enuff i came across dat 4rum lyk 2days ago n i was just laffin...diff strokes 4 diff folks, errbody is entitled 2 dier opinions!!..i love nigeria international, dey show it hia as well!! dat ''Rev King'' ijust refuse 2 comment!!! anyways thnx 4 d shout out girl...hav a gud wknd. :-)

Dimples said...

Nice one Arams!!!!

Have a FAB weekend...still loving the M word post!!

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

How about they rebuild a bigger and better murtala muhammed international airport.....Enugu ko...LOL...
thanks for the updates will check out the other links.

Olawunmi said...

thank you for the shout for my cousin. it meant a lot to me.

Mari said...

Ms. Jocelyn is super funny. I watched almost all the videos on the youtube link.

Hope your weekend was swell.

Anonymous said...

ms joceyln is funny at first but then she starts giving me a headache....is it just me?