A Bit out of the 'Bloginary'

(i) Carol's Daughter

What do Jada, Mary J, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z and Will Smith have in common? It seems they all use Carol's Daughter cosmetics. When I first heard about it I thought it was just another typical cosmetic line but it seems to be pioneering a lot of Black Skin and Hair Care products oh. The founder, Lisa Price was a stay-at-home mum, who as a teenager, created beauty products and sold them at local flea markets in her neighbourhood, Brooklyn.

Today, it is a multi-million dollar empire with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J. Blige as the official spokeswomen of the line who appeared with Lisa (above) on the Tyra Show back in November. More info on Carol's daughter here.

(ii) Competition - Univ of Hertfordshire

Like I said, this entire post is very out of the ordinary - not your usual Naija to the Core. There is a competition (no entry-fee) open to anyone to submit a short story of up to3,500 words on the theme of 'vision'. 1st prize - £1,000, 2nd - prize £500, 3rd prize - £300, 4th prize - £200.

One section of this competition invites any work that tells the story of what happens when a member of one culture finds him/herself in relationship with members of an "other" culture is eligible. Other, hypothetical examples of plots might include:

* A Brit living in Thailand

* A Native-American college student at an Ivy League university

* An African-American family moves to an all-Caucasian suburb

* A wedding brings together a Latino family and a Jewish family

* A Muslim academic goes to the American South for a conference

* A Nigerian woman and African-American man meet on Match.com

Competition closes on January 15th 2007. More info on Laspapi's blog here.

The winner will also be able to apply for the UHWriting Award three-year scholarship to the Universityof Hertfordshire, study commencing in 2007.

(iii) Memorable Quotes from Basic Instinct (1992)

LOLLLLLL - Now this is one of the randomest things I've ever seen online. If Basic Instinct is your favourite movie, I'm sure these quotes will come as nothing of a surprise. However, I would assume most people know all the lines in Scarface - compare and contrast (hehe!)


Dimples said...

Yeah i'm 1st oh...I went to that Uni....anyways let me go back read and digest it...hehe :)

Aramide said...

lol let the rat race begin!

Bella Naija said...

I luv Carol's daughter..
Everything smells sooo yummy!
I hope an enterprising nigerian person is able to match up to that sooon!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm carol's daughter huh? and it smells yummy? sounds like the jessica simpson makeup line... heard she made everything tasty too... strange girl... btw kelis is bringing out clothing lines 'cake' and 'bread' for girls and guys, and she should have come out with her cookbook by now... just info for you mona :)

Anonymous said...

Do you reckon I would win if I submitted a diluted version of the BORAT movie script??

Thank God you've updated oh

Mari said...

finally an update. I was beginning to worry :)
Never heard of carol's daughter. Isn't MJB a spokes person for MAC? Can you be a spokes person for more than one product of the same category?

Dimples said...

Nice concept though the Carol’s Daughter brand…but really will you devoted black peeps especially Nigerians to the MAC range…really jump ship and start using some Hubba Bubba smelling and tasting range??

Uzo said...

I have heard about Carol's daughter and am eager to try it. So all my friends in the US, that's a big hint

Anonymous said...

Wat a blog, I absolutely lurvve it esp wen i feel like dossing at work :0

Keep up d good wuk girl & keep feeling us in about naija..