No More Piss Takes

....That should be the name of all my posts this week cos frankly I should be spanked! So much for my all mouth no action. I need to win my audience back meeeen. Okay four words (lol) - watch out this week!

Deck the Halls - Gidi Style!

An almost perfect Christmas present to send to your loved ones in Lagos from England, unfortunately it's only Lagos so if you have someone outside Las Gidi, get them to drive down and pick it up from the post office! Lol okay only joking don't really know how it works but you can enquire from them via their website. Buy securely online using PayPal from just £19.99. Their other services include - cakes for Baby Showers, Weddings, Valentines Day, cookie bouquets and have and eBay shop launching soon i.e. on eBay Shops. So get-a-ordering!

Miss Nigeria USA in Atlanta

I think this was held last Saturday, yea I should have blogged about it earlier actually. I don't know who the winner is yet - or maybe I didn't navigate the site well but click here to see pictures of the event.

Terrorism - Naija Style?? (Not funny)

What is this story about?? I'ts not funny sha. Can you just imagine how they tortured the Michael Dickson! LOL he looks funny in the pic. God help us! And this story about Nigeria being a Haven for Terrorist Internet Communication?? God really help us!

Fashion Passes, Style Remains (or NOT!)

Lastly, looking back at the ThisDay Music Festival and actually finally reading the articles and pictures, I realised that Nigerians are amazing, when people said so many people overdressed I thought they were exaggerating but the next few pics you are about to see make you wonder, if Nigerians know anything about Style at all. Arrrgh! Style and fashion are totally different - Get it in your heads! Check em out here and here and for the rest click NEXT or PREVIOUS at the top. Some people sure looked good though!


Biodun said...

The cake idea is really nice, would try it one of these dayz. The miss naija Atlanta was fun I heard n a Matilda chick won, she participated in last year's pagent.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

why would i order a cake all the way from england? arent cake bakers and confectioners just as good in naija? or is this cheaper? i dont get it!
i totally agree with you on the this day in.........LOL

laspapi said...

Hallo Mona,
had issues with the ThisDay concert here. Our lawmakers gyrating enmasse at a Beyonce 'do'? Were the artistes raising money for charity?

Kinda difficult to imagine Gordon Brown and the British cabinet twisting at a Jay Zee concert. But this is Nigeria.

I'll quote the tv queen, funmi iyanda, in private conversation, "if a Nigerian tried to use sexuality to sell her music like Beyonce does, she's be crucified by our people".

By the way, Yinka Davies and a host of others here do special/beautiful renditions of our anthem. No applause.

Twould be good to raise up our own from time to time.

Naija Vixen said...

i feel u on the whole fashion thing, dat Nkiru woman looks a bit scary, guess she was nt ready 4 d camera...LOL.(M MEAN)just kiddin. i wish i went 4 dt festival, musta bin mad fun!

NaijaBloke said...

Mona was that suppose to be the worst dress competition in Nigeria or what?

U have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Girl, that's last year's photos o. I can't believe I missed it this year when it was actually good.

p.s. I think they only took pics of the badly dressed peeps :(

Aramide said...

ohhh I will find the updates for the Miss Nigeria USA, thanks Finayon! :o) xxx

Dimples said...

Nice Blog Mona...

Not too sure on the cake delivery stuves...but it wouldn't be a bad surprise on someday like Valentines,also it could be the perfect solution to "over-the-ocean long distance relationship"

As for Michael Dicksonwhat a FOOL!!! least one can say that our security measures might be up to scratch small…so God forbid a 9/11 or 7/7 occurs..we will be ready..or maybe not…
Anyways the God that watched over Israel shall watch over our motherland Naija…Amen!!

No comment as for some of those outfits @ Thisday Music Festival that were considered as fashionable…all I can say is a few family and friends shall be getting some scolding down the phone..Haba!!! and they have lived abroad for years….did they not learn anything????

TMinx said...

Ahn ahn there were okay dressed ppl there including yours truly now. The second day it even rained and the floor was all muddy so no time for dressing up nice even except you wanted to be highly uncomfortable. I blame the photographers, they chase after elaborately dressed ppl.

Aramide said...

true sha....ure right...thanx for clearing that up taurean we didn't know already, we know u dressed nicely dont worry ;o)

Anonymous said...

Eh thanks for stopping by on my blog in my absence. I literarily removed myself from the blogging sphere and so my apologies for not making the usual rounds :)
Couldn't help but notice how they murdered all the pics! Hope the magazine is much better.
As always very, very interesting blog entries. The one on mickey, minnie and barbie really had me in stitches.

Anonymous said...

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