Fulfilling My Promise.......

...certainly ain't easy but a promise is a promise! I'll start with some humour:

Ugep Total canteen - Originally uploaded by Naijafinish.

I never knew Total also specialised in Dried Meat and Pepe soup. I thought it was just petroleum, oil and gas - lol. Speaking of Pepper Soup, check out my tasty recipe when you attend the F&N periodvocab heheheh.

  • Next on my list - Replaceable the reply!

    I saw this at Naijavixen's. Why must they always copy us ladies? Men need to gain some sense of originality hehe. So this guy, Louis Harris, is singing "TO THE RIGHT". I dunno about the tune in some bits but he has a nice voice, and they just had to end it with brap brap brap! See video below:

  • International Women's Day 2007 is on the 8th of March - there will be a lot of celebration and events. Please check out the website. Top companies and organisations supporting it include Deloitte, HSBC, UNESCO. Colours of the day include - purple, green, white and gold (might be worth wearing one of these on the day - girls and guys, to support this cause). More details to come before the day and more on the website.

  • Someone sent me this clip recently, an Asian woman wanted to find out if her husband was cheating and went on live radio to catch him out. One word - LOL. Listen here (press play)

  • The Vagina Monologues are back in March - 14th and 21st @ Muson and 17th @ Planet One to be precise. I had a post up on it before so won't say much just click on the vagina monologues link.
  • The ever-talented Laspapi has a new play - The Anatomy of a Woman showing on 25th March at the Muson Centre.

    Starring Stella Damasus-Aboderin. More detail on his post

  • My favourite song right now - Pretty Ricky's On The Hotline (really don't know why)

  • All Nigerian Models Night - it sounds good but I don't understand what it is about exactly or the essence, check out Vixen's post for more details.

    And speaking of Models, Fashion, etc. Bella has something up on up and coming Nigerian Fashion Designers (a lot of young ladies) who have designed for a charitable cause - Impressive.

Back tomorrow with more interesting stuff - and it's my Blog's Birthday also so watch this space! xxx


Anonymous said...

Replaceable - I'm like WTF. The boy is cute sha but who is that subordinate sitting there with the mobile phone. I'm like Get a life - Follow Follow!

Anonymous said...

gosh that soo replacable song cracked me up man!!!!!!!!! LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl!!

Anonymous said...

well, for starters, I am really feeling that food site. I sent the link to my sister and she said it just made her hungry. Mona you need to get a hold of those pepper soup seeds so sistas can start dabbling with your recipe. Next, the Replaceable geezer had a nice voice and was quite cute in a 'I fancy abit of rough, I fancy slumming it for a while' kinda way. I wouldnt mind abit of rough at the moment actually. Did anyone ever secretly fancy their mechanic's apprentice but would never admit it? thats the kind of rough I'm talking about. Goodness, I think I just shared too much. lol. Neways, finally, that omotara in Bella Naija's posting on designers and charity work, is that same little tara thomas? na wa oh. how the young grow. laters peeps xx

Dimples said...

LOL...Mr Replaceable was actually really good...really liked his voice...I beg u someone forward this unto Simon Cowell..or better still Dan Foster on West African Idol...lol

Nice one Mona!!

Anonymous said...

Lol that Replaceable has a nice voice sha and is kinda cute too. I wonder where he's from?

Uzo said...

Hey Mona, what's your email address?