Pssst, Is Dating A Job?

Yawn! Back again to this stuvvs, thot I'd share this really hilarious but almost accurate article of my friend's. But really when you read it, it makes you think and realise dating is more or less like a job! I definitely agree! Check out his page - Don Chichi - u might need to scroll down for that article, it's also available on the Janded website but its not as extensive.

p.s. If you are really interested in his "writes" as he calls them, check out his Journal on Hi5


Anonymous said...

Mona lovely word blog you have here. I really need to make the time to read all through this. Read most of it and you really gots to make the time girl, Like your style of writing.

Thanks for the visits to my blog, Glad you now allow "others" to post comments :)


Aramide said...

Heheheh thanks Suby yea didn't realise I set it so "others" couldn't post comments.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

LOL that article is hilarious!! after all my hard work i think i deserve to be paid a relationship salary.