Lagos - A City At Work??

As much as I am excited to share my new article with you all, I am also deeply saddened by the news I read on the pipeline blast in Lagos a few days ago where about 200 were burned to death. For those who did not hear about this, please be informed as I strongly believe in staying well-versed with issues going on around us. You can either visit the "pipeline blast" link I inserted previously or go to the Yahoo News link. A university pal of mine also wrote a really good article on this and you can find it on the Simply4Us website - please be warned that this article contains very disturbing images :o(

That aside, I was going through one of my favourite blogs when I saw an interesting read or what I thought was a read on Lagos being a city at work. I went to the website and saw some of the most amazing photies! I think it's a book or something, and the website somewhat illustrates what the book is about and gives you a few excerpts as well. I have a keen interest in photography although I don't take pictures except my paparazzi ones when I go out (wink wink) but I do enjoy looking at interesting photographs, commenting and gaining tips on photography and photoshop. You can visit the website here.


Anonymous said...

Yup I've seen and read the book. Also know a few of the contributors.

It truly is an amazing piece, There's so much not documented in Nigeria and it's up to us to create that persona that is truly us. This is the vision I have for my photography when it comes to representing Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The book is worth getting and sharing.

Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

I'm definately getting this book! thanks for sharing.

Tunde Adeleye (Africa's #1 Educational Consultant) said...

Fantastic blog, esp with the pics. Good narrative on BB naija.