Are You Intentional About Soul-Winning?

Yikes! I don’t know about you but the most daunting task for me as a new believer was soul-winning. It always seemed so unappealing and I had no interest in it.  Many believers feel the same; evangelism activities are usually glossed over when trying to plug one's self into serving at church. Yet that is the main reason why we are here – to love and glorify God, and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Loving God means doing things that are pleasing to Him and giving Him glory means doing things which gives only Him honour. By sharing the Good News with others, we are putting God first and honouring Him and His word [Mark 16:15]

Loving our neighbours means we want them to enjoy the same benefits of being a believer as well as make heaven.  It doesn’t matter what religion - our primary primary purpose is to share the Gospel of Christ with our neighbours, in love. 

This is where it is tricky though. I always felt it took a lot of liver to speak to someone who is Christian but not necessarily a believer talk-less of approaching someone who practices another religion. Scary stuff. However in the final analysis, God categorises everyone as either believer or unbeliever. It is neither about being a good person/having been born into a Christian home/being the child of a preacher nor is it about doctrines and practices. God's only trigger for salvation is the conscious acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Saviour into one's heart [John 1:12, 3:16] 

In shying away from it altogether, many believers would give reasons such as:

1) "I am sure I can just pray for him or her from afar, that is fine too."
Counter Argument: The reason you are here is to serve God and to be used as a vessel by Him for His Kingdom expansion. It is more rewarding to be proactive in doing so and also willing. [2 Timothy 2:21]

2) "I am still trying to work out my own salvation and I am not a mature Christian. Shouldn't it be a pastor doing that?"
Counter Argument: God can use anyone, it doesn’t matter when you came to know Him [Jeremiah 1:6-8]

3) "I am neither social nor an extrovert and find it hard to talk to people."
Counter Argument: God's strength is made perfect in your weaknesses, the key is to just let Him use you [2 Corinthians 12: 9]

Now to the approach. Most people imagine soul-winning to be standing by the roadside with a megaphone or distributing tracts to others or even preaching on buses. If that isn't really your scene (not mine either), there are modern ways to evangelise such as:

- Simply talking to others
- Music (singing, writing)
- Theatre
- Writing
- Social Media
- Comedy
- Organising events (e.g. movies, soccer games, book-readings, similar interest groups)

There are so many channels, the key thing is to find how you can share the Word with authenticity, care, trust and transparency. 

So get going, some people's clocks are ticking!  Here are two very apt songs for some motivation! The bottom line is to move your ego/interests aside so He can use you:

1) I Give Myself Away by William McDowell (video)
2) Background by Lecrae (video)

God bless you! Please leave a comment :o)

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