Fusion is Back this month! Featuring designs from d’zyN couture, Tai, Urban style, House of Silk, House of Marie, Coco' couture and Phunkafrique. Also featuring vendors selling men's fashion, pearls and beads, clothing accessories, scarves, footwear, leather accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, gemstones and trimmings! For a full list of vendors see the bottom of this post!

Venue: The Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Centre, Abuja (map)
Date: 27th March, 2010
Time: 12pm - 7pm

It will be Abuja's biggest fashion and beauty sale/event with 10% of all profit going to the FOR SISTERS GIVE charity.

There will be a fantastic goodie bag for the first guest to spend N50000 and above. All types of payment welcome (cash, cheques*, bank cards*)

There will be photo shoot slots as well as hair styling, manicure/pedicure slots and lots to eat and drink!

In the spirit of Breast and Cervical cancer awareness, MEDICAID DIAGNOSTICS will be making bookings for screening tests from these deadly but preventable diseases at a discount.

* Conditions apply for payment type contact drsamiah@gmail.com for more info

Vendor List

- Badela Designs
- Bath and Body Works
- Caxton Alile Cards
- Coco' couture
- Croft Studios
- D'Zyn Couture
- Fabrica
- Fully Charged
- Gemstones
- Hayah
- House of Marie
- House of Silk
- Iyannu
- Izizi's Bodyline
- JamesLULLY designs
- Jidda’s pride
- Just Scarves
- Kazelos pearls
- Literati
- Mi Regalio
- Ola Accessories
- Phunkafrique
- Pillow Talk
- Shukr
- Simply Beautiful
- Simply Shoes
- Sleek Makeup
- Soulskin
- Tai
- The Source
- TM Lewin
- Trinkets
- Urban Fashion
- Urban Style
- Venello

Details of the last fusion event here


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