From One of Our Partners: The Beat Jam

The BEAT JAM is happening at Bacchus this Friday 27th November.

It is a chance to mingle with the beat presenters and also various artists such as Banky W MI, Eldee the Don, Sasha, General Pype, Dj Zeez, Da Grin, Sauce Kid, Bracket etc…..

Tickets are N2500 and N5000 for VIP entry

For more info, visit or listen to The Beat 99 FM - The Heartbeat of Lagos


chayomao said...

Sadly i am away :)
More like across Oceans

Myne said...

You have a nice blog here. I have seen some venues I may ise when in naija, thanks.

t said...

Na wa o. I can't find the info on thebeat site, it seems like a cool show, I read it's to be at TerraKulture, and in all the announcements I've seen there's date but no time. Is that the new "Nigerian Time" fashion?