It has been a long long time since I last updated. I presume I was burnt out by trying to blog with Nigerian Internet bandwidth, work balance, settling back in Nigeria, not having a keen interest for Nigerian news now that it is all around me, not really sure what it is ,but overall I think the blogging thing was for a season and it would be inadequate to just remain stagnant without trying to aim for the skies in whatever you do. So, as much as I enjoy sharing information, I have been looking for ways to take the whole thing to the NEXT LEVEL and all I can say is......STAY TUNED!

There will no longer be blog entries but instead, this will be more like a What's On page, until I identify what exactly I want to do with this (other things in the pipeline). So to all the people who kept asking when I would update again or whatever happened to my blog! It's still here!

Welcome to - Nigeria: What's On?!



The Bookaholic said...

Nice, nice...welcome back! And bring whatever's on with you.. Cheers!

Tinu said...

welcome back Mona and all the best with what's on!

chayomao said...

Mona, we will read whatever u put up!
pretty sure what's up got style :)