December: What's Up?

Next Top Model™ Comes To West Africa

First there was America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks’ brainchild, a reality show in which a number of women compete for the title - America's Next Top Model. Soon after, a myriad of other versions followed including Afghanistan's Next Top Model, China's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, Australia's Next Top Model and Scandinavia's Next Top Model.

The first African Franchise was in Ghana - GNTM and Nigeria followed shortly with spin-off, Nigeria's Next Top Model which aired on HiTV with Olabimitan Adeyinka.

Cycle after cycle, with the Next Top Model brand getting stronger and stronger and more patents being bought, Tope Esan, professional and president of the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) - was busy lobbying for the third African Franchise of NTM - West Africa's Next Top Model. He has purchased the rights and hosting the show will be Supermodel and Entrepreneur, Oluchi Onewagba-Orlandi.

Tope Esan, NEA

The show will start airing in January 2009 and will follow the same format as the original American’s Next Top Model. The format will be produced every season by region on the African continent with the initial start up being in West Africa.

Scouting for contestsants will soon commence in the following countries - Cote D'ivoire, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Liberia & Nigeria. Like many other revolutions, the era of African Supermodels has evolved. Stay tuned….

Theatre @ Terra
Theatre @ Terra, which is playwright Wole Oguntokun's pet-project, is growing and gaining popularity ever-increasingly. It is an unprecedented project in collaboration with cultural centre, Terra Kulture. Top-rate stage productions are produced weekly, showing twice daily on Sundays every month. The project is playing a major part in the renaissance of Arts & Culture in Nigeria and shows one production per month.

Last month, the famous production - "The lion and the Jewel" by renowned writer, Wole Soyinka was showing.

For more information, visit
Photos: Courtesy Wole Oguntokun

The Experience
Celebrating God and His music like never before.

Friday, December 5th at TBS, Onikan Lagos 7pm till 6am!!! Be There!

Freedom Card, Nigeria

Freedom Gift Card is a customizable preloaded gift plastic card that can be redeemed at any retail outlet where Interswitch debit cards are accepted. It acts as the ideal gift because it gives the recipient the freedom to choose the ideal gift at various discount outlets in Lagos.



Mimi said...

gosh i've missed your blog!! lol. you always have cool updates!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Now and West Africa has a NTM show! Very bad that I can't watch it.

Yemi Atanda said...

What about this Freedom Gift Card? What and where is it from?

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