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On the 4th of November 2008, Senator Barack Hussein Obama became the first African-American president in the United States of America after 44 terms.

  • He became the first democrat to receive more than 50% of the vote since Jimmy Carter.
  • He became the first senator to be elected as president since John F.Kennedy

  • He is 47 years old - albeit young but change is good and we hope for the best, let us support him far and wide.

  • He is the first candidate to have sparked as much a campaign-trail heat as John F. Kennedy.

  • He has already made history even without acting as President!

Now, what was it?

Was it the random Robocalls from the McCain campaign in Spanish to the Spanish/Hispanic republicans in Miami urging them to vote against Obama because he is practically in alliance with Fidel Castro or just the fact that we need a revolution in our world and it starts from U.S.A....what was it? Either way, he has finally reached his calling and will fulfil it. God said so.

I haven't been in blogville for a while but for this historic event, I will sleep in Blogville!

Here are three people's comments which are so APT and PROFOUND!

First speaker:

"We're truly witnessing a historic moment which I'm sure many of us will be talking about for years to come, and telling our children about - the day Obama became American President! This is even moreso for the American people, many of whom attended the Obama rallies exactly for that reason - to be able to tell their kids that they were there! I stayed up all night to watch the drama unfold and it doesn't take long to realise how much this victory means to the American people, but especially African Americans. We can admire the man from afar because he is black and African, but seeing the tears of people like Jesse Jackson, Oprah and everyone else in that Chicago crowd really sums up what it means to black America, many of whom remember the times when they were segregated, not allowed to vote, and so on. They remember the efforts of one preacher from Atlanta who had a dream but was taken away from this world much too soon. These are things we can only read about and attempt to fathom the magnitude of, but it is clear to see that America is a step closer to realising Martin Luther King's dream, if not there already!

I believe that Obama currently has 349 electoral votes and one more (which I think he will get once the final states are tallied up) will officially make it a landslide!

An incredible feat, especially given the fear of the dreaded "

Bradley effect", ie. white voters not wanting to appear racist saying they will vote for the black candidate and then doing the opposite once they get into the booth (named after Tom Bradley, who lost the race for California governor in 1982 despite being well ahead in the polls).

I think this is a victory for all of America and proof that they can rise above the racial divide. I did believe they could, a few days ago I was pondering on how unlikely it was for Obama to have beaten Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and I think that is where he really won this race. I reckoned that if the Democrats could vote for him against the dominant brand in their party (ie. Clinton), then surely Americans, regardless of their colour could vote for him against McCain, and they have shown exactly that. How he's done it will surely be a case study for political campaigning for years to come!

Please let's spare a thought for
John McCain, he was very gracious in his acceptance speech, and would have made a fine President himself. He clearly loves his country, and having served it for the best part of half a century, would have deserved nothing less to bow out at the top. But surely this is his last chance to do that, and I think he can now take a well deserved rest and reflect on a life well spent....

These are times I think that art definitely imitates life and not the other way round.

Forget about 24, West Wing and all those other shows, it is nice to see a black man getting off his backside and doing something like this when no one else thought it was possible or the right time.

I feel sad for Obama that his grandma could not hold out for two more days to witness him achieve this, but nonetheless happy that he took time from the campaign trail to see her before she passed. He's shown himself to be a real family man who will present a great example for the first family of the United States, and the first black first family at that! All that said, let's celebrate with the people of Chicago, USA, Kenya and the rest of the world, but let us also temper our excitement with the reality that Obama has a tough task ahead of him and he will not be a perfect president. Let's continue praying for God's will to be done in his life, pray for the protection of him and his family (he is set to become the most heavily guarded President in history), and pray that his presidency makes the US and the world a better place for all!

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Second speaker:

"I was so happy when Obama was named President Elect. It seems monumental in a global sense somehow we're at an important turning point not just for the U.S.A. but for all of us as a people. I always used to think of Clinton as a bridge builder but Obama has doubly reinforced that perception of himself now, and the whole world is expecting great things from him........not becase he's black but because of the way he's been able to inspire a planet. So now we wait and watch or rather we help (where we can) and watch ."

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Third speaker:

"I am flying now and will do everything that my heart sets itself to do little or small, big or large. I'm trying to share that with people this morning and realise that for the most part people are ordinary and l,imted in their thinking and when confronted with endless possibility choose to go back to what they knowand crack a joke or choose cynsism. They refuse to believe and i guess that is the limit of who they are. Yes we all can!"

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Interestingly, the number of search results for Obama on Google has increased over 100% from last night....from 200,000+ to over 200,000,000 - YES WE CAN!


Once again, GOBAMA!

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