Monday was the 3rd year anniversary of the 7/7 London bombing.

See the story here.

Also, in relation to the unfortunate event, a project titled The Forgiveness Project has come about. Click here to read the stories including that of Marie Fatayi-Williams, mother of Anthony Fatayi-Williams who was killed in the bombings - R.I.P

Nigeria for Obama??

As cute as this sounds, I just find it all very amusing. Nigerians put together a 4000 strong fundraising campaign to support Barack Obama last weekend at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja

Their notion is that the funds raised will be sent to the OBAMA campaign office as their own way of showing support for OBAMA since they are not eligible to vote as they are Nigerians based in Nigeria and not in America. - Is that right....

.....is that right? I dont think we have finished campaigning for each other but hey, who knows what Obama's plans for Nigeria will be if he is elected president :)

The Buzz

New music videos, click to watch.

Olu Maintain's Karmakazee -

Mo Hits Records' Pere -

Mo Hits Records' Close to you -

Etcetera's Life for you -

Pheel's God dey -

Naeto-C Press Release - see below

Blogville Idol 2008

Blogville Idols 2008 is here! Itt started yesterday and will go on till the 23rd of July. Check it out here

Two Nigerian Websites to check out:

- Luxury on Water

NAYO on the cover of July's True Love!

NAYO (N-áá-y-Ò) of Nigerian descent (culled from Odunayo) is really doing things....her album African Girl has also been included in Virgin Atlantic's inflight music programmes and magazine.

You can buy her album here and a copy of true love here.


Anonymous said...

hey mona tanx for d idol shout out!!i hope u have been listening and voting o?

Okay olu maintain is doing big things..but why is he using white chicks in his video?

TMinx said...

Hey Mona, lots and lots to digest. Hope you are good.

PS Hope that money goes to Obama..sorry to be so pessimistic.

tommeh said...

Nigerians in Nigeria campaignin' for Obama is great. Just like you said, who knows he might have plans for Nigeria.