Music Week and What's On?

This week will be dedicated to music through and through. So watch out for some juicy tunes and great info on events and juicy celebrity news. Enjoy your week!

Asa Concert in London Tonight

Live at the Carling Academy, Islington N1. I will be there and will feedback to you guys. I am looking forward.

Asa’s self-titled album was released in the UK on February 18th on Dramatico Entertainment. Having grown up in Nigeria listening to an intricately diverse mixture of African music and some of the best known and loved artists from the West, Asa’s sound is as perfectly unique as she is herself. With a commercial appeal that is more by coincidence than design, Asa fuses pop, r&b, world, funk, soul and reggae on an album where she sings in both English and Yoruba.

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Tickets: £20 buy here
Asa: Visit her myspace

London Business School's Africa Day This Weekend

On Saturday, 17 May 2008, the
Africa Club at London Business School will host its 7th annual Africa Day Conference. Africa Day is a leading African conference in Europe, providing a compelling platform for intellectual exchange and debate around some of the continent’s most critical issues. The conference supports the School's vision to be the pre-eminent global business school, by bringing together some of the best minds and practitioners in African business to help inspire a socio-economic renaissance in Africa. It will entail a keynote address, panel sessions, lunch, networking opportunities, a cocktail and gala dinner as well as some live entertainment.

Date: May 17, 2008 at 9:00 am
Venue: London Business School, Regent's Park, London. NW1 4SA
Available here

Resources: Africa Club at LBS

The Nigerian DJs Conference in Atlanta (June 6th - 7th, 2008)

The 2nd annual Naija DJs conference will be held in Atlanta this year. The aim is to provide a meeting-place for Nigerian DJs and Artistes to exchanges ideas on how to better promote the Nigerian music movement. The conference consists of a welcome party, DJ /Artist Seminar and DJ ShowDown / Artist Concert.

More info at Also, see the video below:


LOL: Prince William & Prince Harry

Verdict = LOLOL very funny if you are into headcases, animation or british humour

Sir Victor Uwaifo - Joromi

Verdict = Another Classic!!!

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Aramide said...

lolololol at joromi

Anonymous said...

Namesake, u didn't say what date Asa will be performing in ldn na.

Yessie said...

I'm sure the asa concert must have been awesome. I do hope she has a show in NY and soon too.
How've u been?

Anonymous said...

Mona, u no do well o. So, it happened last nite.

Aramide said...

ah ah wienna i already wrote tonight in the blog now lol and that was 2 days ago - pele

yessie yea i'm sure when she gets a huge following theyll pay for her over in nyc, make it happen

Ms. Catwalq said...

i need to contact you. How do I do that?