Book Reading Tour, Videobyte and Free Song

Farafina are going to have my head because I put this up too late! I meant to put it up yesterday but hey, thankfully the tour is on for 3 different dates from tomorrow. :o)

Farafina is pleased to announce the release of its latest book The Phoenix by Chika Unigwe.

(click to enlarge)

Chika Unigwe is an Afro-Belgian writer of Nigerian origin. She is the author of fiction, poetry, articles and educational material. The Phoenix is her first full length novel. It was originally published in Dutch.Chika Unigwe was born in Enugu, Nigeria, and now lives in Turnhout, Belgium, with her husband and four children.She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and an MA from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She also holds a PhD from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, having completed a thesis entitled "In the shadow of Ala. Igbo women writing as an act of righting" in 2004.

The Phoenix Book Reading Tour will be at the following venues on the following dates:

  • Jazzhole (8th December)
  • Quintessence (14th December)
  • Bookworm (15th December)

See Flyer (above) for more details.

Secondly, I've got a videobyte for you - Guess Who is in the new iPod Video?

Her New Album (which has apparently leaked all over the internet) will be out on the 18th of December titled - Growing Pains. My gurl Mary has done it again! :o)

FREEBIE - The Julie Video is finally here! As soon as I can upload it, I will do so but you can watch it on facebook - here [just scroll down]

For those who don't know, Julie is a new popular club-banger (well okay maybe in Bacchus sha) by Shank (Nigerian R&B-Reggae/Dance Hall Rapper).

For a little tease/sneak peek, here are some pics from the video shoot. Click to Enlarge - I suppose the vid was shot at Piccolomondo:

Hmmm Tasty! Lol

Julie mp3 up for grabs here [limited time only]


nosa101 said...

you are my hero...been looking for this song instead of studying for finals....haha

Uzo said...

Have never heard this song....

Anonymous said...

hmm...I havent been here in a long time - It is good to see that you are still finding the good stuff to entertain us. ps how old in MJ now?

Anonymous said...

we look good huh :)

Girlie said...

i love love that jlie track!!1 been listening to it all week. and i must say, they tried for the video.MORE GREASE. lol.

In my head and around me said...

Happy New Year!